Nutritional Consulting

My name is Denise Keane and I am fully qualified and insured nutritional therapist. 

Nutritional Therapy involves the use of nutritional science to achieve optimum health, full potential and disease prevention. It understands that the food we eat can either be the greatest poison or the greatest medicine the body can consume and that nutrition can allow the body to heal if given the opportunity. 

How do Nutritional Therapists differ from Dietitians?

While many of our principles are common - we both work towards addressing nutritional deficiencies as well as providing the client with practical ways to adopt condition specific nutritional protocols, there are important differences.

As nutritional therapists, our role is to identify and rectify the root of the problem and in doing so develop strategies to help the body to heal itself through nutrition. This makes us distinctive from other forms of therapies in that we look to tackle the cause rather than simply masking symptoms with medications.

Ours is a holistic approach based on Functional Medicine in which we consider the whole body in our development of a protocol. We recognise that optimum nutritional intake is key to good health and that good nutrition is of benefit in most health issues.

Who Can Nutritional Therapy Help?
Nutritional therapy is useful for both children and adults and has been shown to be useful in the following conditions:

Digestive complaints such as IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, excessive flatulence, reflux. 

Hormonal complaints such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Infertility, Premenstrual Syndrome

Skin Complaints such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne. 

Metabolic Syndrome (Diabetes, Weight Gain/Obesity, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure) 

Food Allergies/Intolerances (Testing available)

Depression/Mood Disorders, Stress 

ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia 

Respiratory disorders such as asthma, sinusitis, persistent runny nose. 

Specialising in pre-conception/fertility and pregnancy support.
Special interest in digestive support.

I am a fully qualified and insured Nutritional Therapist and I am currently taking appointments for Skype Consultations and private consultations in my clinic in Naas Co Kildare. 

Prices: Initial 2 hour Consultation including a comprehensive investigation of each of the body systems (Digestive, Nervous, Endocrine etc) through questioning, Physical Examination (nail, tongue, zinc test), full science based explanation of findings, individual nutritional protocol and supplement regime. €90

Follow-Up Consultation (1 hour) including full review of initial symptoms as well as analysis of what improved and/or worsened, full revision of protocol where necessary as well as help with areas of particular challenge. €50

*Special Offer Package Deal: 2 hour consultation + 1 hour Follow Up: €120
(T&Cs: To be booked and paid for before 31st December 2016. Follow up is only valid for 3 months from initial consultation date)

Online Based Skype Consultation Providing the exact same service as the initial consultation above, but based online via Skype €75

Now providing Intolerance Testing. Prices start at €149

Now taking bookings for One-To-One Consultations

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Please email for full details.