Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Back To Basics Nutrition & Wellness Plan

Interested in the area of Nutrition and Wellness and how it impacts your overall health? Do you recognise the link between health and what you eat but don't know where to start?

I have been running online nutrition plans for three years now and one thing I really see people embrace is the community aspect of the group. Supporting one another and feeling you have support and guidance from others really enhances the experience and improves your chances of success.

While my past challenges have focused on a 100% Paleo approach, I felt many participants were struggling in other areas sometimes totally neglecting areas such as sleep or exercise or digestive health, areas important to focus on to increase overall wellness.

The Back To Basics Wellness & Nutrition

It is not simply enough to look at nutrition. Our health can be protected and healing can be influenced by nutrition, but if we are under pressure in other areas such as working under high stress, neglecting digestive health, leading sedentary lifestyles or not getting enough sleep, the balance of health can be thrown off centre.

This course aims to teach you not only how to embrace unprocessed healthy eating but also the tools for promoting health in other areas as above. In essence, going "Back To Basics" with diet and lifestyle!

I launched the Back To Basics Plan in January 2016 and the first group have just completed it, with great appraise.

Here are what a few of the participants had to say:

A big thank you Denise for your advice and guidance throughout this programme. Also a big thank you to all you lovely Group members who made the journey fly by that bit easier; there was a great bit of banter, loads of advice , not forgetting all those motivational pictures

Thanks so much Denise! I'll be keeping an eye out for the next round! I'm down ten pounds, sleeping well, feeling great and have bucket loads of energy. Muscles are becoming defined, and best of all I'm tasting all my food. No hunger too - thank you! "

As a holistic practitioner I recognise the importance of embracing all aspects of wellness to the end goal of health and I feel this course offers that.

What Is Included:

Full 30 Day Meal Plans
Healthy Nutritious Recipes

Tips of Areas of Wellness such as:
Improving Sleep Quality
Promoting Getting Moving Again
Reducing Stress through Nutrition and Supplementation
Group Support & Sense of Community

Let me support you with invaluable support and answers to all your burning questions.

Don't tackle this alone!

Sign Up Today!

My next course will run from the 30 Days Monday 22nd February to Tuesday 22nd March (inclusive)

Price is €59.99 (One off payment)

Payment is via secure Paypal transaction.


  1. It's indeed fantastic how much the diet can help. The increased energy levels are just one thing. No more lethargy, no more depression (at least it's reduced). Plus all the other health benefits. Awesome.

  2. Hi Denise, Iv come across your blog in the past week and have read your 30 days blog. It was very honest and even funny, especially when you felt there was no one out there reading it!! Well, i bet its been read many many times since 2011 and its provided me with a practical and do-able way to convert to Paleo. Im in the process of introducing alot of the recipes and more importantly, cutting out sugars and grains, however, im still taking a small slice of homemade Spelt bread first thing in morning as my stomach is pretty weak and cannot take the egg etc till 11am'ish. Iv got M.E. and Fibro and any changes are slow and painful. When I feel im up to the 30day detox, Ill contact you. Many thanks again for your blog and all the information you give us FREE and in a light-hearted way. regards, Therese