Monday, 7 December 2015

Review: Joanne's Absolute Nutrition & Competition!!

Last week I had the honour of meeting the lovely Joanne of Absolute Nutrition who specialises in Paleo treats which are both delicious and full of flavour. We had a lovely chat about all things Paleo, nutrition, breastfeeding and family and the time flew between cups of coffee and delicious samples of her gorgeous treats!

As a busy mother I know how hard it can be to provide healthy nutritious treats for your family. We all have days where the house is a tip and the baby just wants to suck the life out of you (literally) meaning it can be tough to keep everyone happy. I am a firm believer in limiting the amount of junk food my family eats but the truth is the tweenager sometimes wants some nice treats and I just don't have the time right now to make them. I want him to feel like he is having treats but I don't want him eating refined sugar (not least because he is actually Type 1 diabetic). I also want some treats from time to time. Breastfeeding gives me a sweet tooth I never had before and it is nice to satisfy it without having to resort to refined sugars.

We all know how hard it is to find healthy but tasty treats in the supermarket. They're either seriously lacking in flavour or only marginally healthy to begin with. As I say to clients, the amount of sugar in some so called healthy treats you would actually be better having a fricking Mars bar (don't though!)


Enter Joanne and her Paleo goodies. I love her story. After the birth of her 4th child Joanne joined a gym and got into health and nutrition. However she found it really difficult to find tasty but healthy treats on the market. Her gym owner told her it was super difficult to find those types of products to sell in the gym and Joanne realised there was a definite gap in the market. She started making the treats in her own kitchen and they went down a storm with her family. From there she started providing them to her gym where they were devoured and Absolute Nutrition was born!

I love that she has grown this family business herself from passion and hard work and that she has recently started supplying SuperValue stores in their "Food Academy" sections.

What about the flavour?! Joanne kindly gave me some samples to try and can I tell you they were delicious! From her take on Rolo sweets (dates and nut butter covered in chocolate YUM) to her Chocolate Power Fudge (one of her more popular products but which does contain whey protein if you are avoiding dairy) these foods are amazing. I am really reluctant to recommend products unless I really believe in them and I am happy to say I really like Joanne's products. They even got the thumbs up from the tweenager who happily ate the dates stuffed with walnuts and loved the cocoa balls which are made with organic cacao powder. 
Keep an eye out for these products in your local SuperValu and support a good Irish company. 
I also have a yummy hamper to giveaway. 

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  1. I am trying to enter the givaway but I can't find the post on Joannes facebook page :(

  2. Sensible zoning for that corner, but oh so close to the holy, untouchable two blocks of Empire!
    Celtic Knot Ring

  3. I just bought Joanne's Coconut Bites. They are gorgeous!!

  4. I just bought Joanne's Coconut Bites. They are gorgeous!!

  5. Supervalue in Killester, Dublin stock your products, but I notice they haven't bothered to put prices on them.. Thought you might like to know as customer far less likely to purchase without this information.