Sunday, 2 August 2015

Paleo Pregnancy Diaries: My Pregnancy Whole30

Hey all!

Just said I would give you all an update on my pregnancy. These posts have been a surprisingly popular addition to my blog so thank you all for reading!

So I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and officially ready to meet this baby! I think despite your better judgement and knowledge that only 4% of babies arrive on their actual due date, we still become completely convinced that we are going to automatically go into labour as soon as the clocks strike midnight on the date! Of course mother nature doesn't work that way and chances are I will still be waiting after the 18th.

So the main change since my last blog post is that I have decided to take on a Whole 30 (a 100% Paleo protocol except from grains such as bread, pasta, rice and dairy, sugars and processed foods) for the last month of my pregnancy and I am now almost half way through.

I have done many Whole30 challenges down through the years ( I have actually lost count but it is at least 10!) This isn't even my first one since I became pregnant. I also done one in January and I really felt it helped with preventing nausea and morning sickness and I had zero vomiting as a result. Our bodies are more susceptible to hormone imbalances during pregnancy and for this reason ensuring adequately balanced blood sugar levels is crucially important. Eating a Paleo diet which is exempt from sugars and lots of refined carbs is a great way to keep blood sugars more stable and ensure good health.

The current Whole30 I am on has certainly been challenging. As we all know, the last few weeks of pregnancy are tiring, no matter how healthy or active or good your diet is and I have really started to notice the fatigue a little more in the past fortnight or so. I am having to rest more and get to bed early and understand it is an important part of preparation for birth and the need to listen to my body. Of course when we are more tired we want easy to prepare food with as little hassle as possible and this where I am struggling. Sometimes literally nothing appeals to me and I am not going to lie, sometimes I wish I could just have a fricking sandwich! But I don't. I am fairly stubborn when I want to and I have committed myself to this. I feel it has definitely helped in other ways and I don't feel I have the puffy inflammed look that many ladies experience in later pregnancy which makes me hope that my body is well nourished and preparing. I am also hoping that my healthy diet will be preparing my hormones adequately for birth without sugar and processed foods disrupting the delicate hormonal balances we need to be working correctly for the various chains of reactions to take place for labour and breastfeeding. That is my hope and I am sticking with it!

One thing I do need to be aware of is to keep my calories up. I do not want to lose weight or cause fatigue for myself so I am trying my utmost to get in enough calories, which can sometimes be a struggle. Thank god for avocados and the fact that white potatoes are now Whole30 compliant! Otherwise I fear I would never survive it! For details on what I have been eating on my Whole30 check out my instagram at

Apart from all this I am trying to keep as active as I can, while listening to my body and trying to overcome my hatred of this horrible weather! Last week for example I got in a walk most days but this week they have been fewer. I hope to get out more in the next week or so to help speed up things! I am also bouncing on my pilates ball when possible (I am on it as I type, bouncing and trying to see the letters as I go, no easy task!) and eating dates which some studies suggest play a role in bringing on labour. I was sort of hoping last Fridays full moon would bring on early labour for me with some studies suggesting a link! No such luck though! ;) I am also still taking my weekly yoga classes and enjoying that too.

I unfortunately cannot make the Gentle Birth class I was hoping to attend next weekend which I am sad about but I am still listening to my tracks on my phone. However I am one of those people who studies for an exam in loads of time but then gets to a certain point where I am sick of it all and just want to do the bloody exam prepared or not. That is how I now feel about birth. I have done the reading, I have listened to the tracks, I have done the clean eating and exercise and I just want to get it over and done with! Bring this baby on!

Hopefully I have good news soon!

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