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Pregnancy Diaries - Week 36 - Nesting, Whole30s and Birth Plans

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(Middle Picture is me today!)

Hey everyone! Time to update you all on my pregnancy to date.

So the big day is getting very close now! I am 36 weeks and I am ready to meet this baby!

Nesting Syndrome 
My online Mammy friend group has really started to kick off with a few August babies having already arrived which put the shivers up me that this baby could technically come at any time!! The nesting has been in full swing and I feel I am finally ready to bring home the newest addition and that we are all set for whatever happens!

I have been busy getting baby's room ready (even though baby will be in our room for a long time, I just wanted a base to put all the clothes and other paraphernalia a small little person tends to bring along with them) We also picked up the travel system too. We decided on a Uppababy Vista which I LOVE and cant wait to spin baby around in! I also intend to baby-wear quite a bit as I hear it is very beneficial for bonding and also breastfeeding, which I intend to do. I recently purchased a Moby soft wrap for the early days and I have been practising with various soft toys - much to my husband's amusement!

Birth Preparation 
I have been listening to my Gentle Birth tracks alot over the past few weeks. As mentioned in my past posts I am hoping to adopt many of the principles of Gentle Birth Hypno-birthing and I aim to go as natural as possible. I find the tracks incredibly reassuring and comforting and I feel less overwhelmed about it all when I listen to them. I am also planning on attending a Gentle Birth Workshop with "Juno and the Midwife" on 1st August in Dublin to really get to grips with birth and feeling confident and strong about it all. It is also a helpful way to get your other half involved in the process and allows them to be more confident in speaking up for you in the labour situation. There are still places available on this if you are interested and details can be found here

I have my birth plan all ready to go too which details my plans to avoid epidural unless I request it, to delay cord clamping, to do skin to skin for as long as possible after birth and to not be separated from my baby at any point.

I have been trying to keep active too, although I must admit it is becoming harder and harder. Tiredness really is the epitome of pregnancy at this stage and it can be frustrating not to be able to do the things you want to. However my body does not take long to tell me I have overdone it and ultimately it is best to listen to it. I am walking as much as possible, doing my antenatal yoga and bouncing on my pilates ball! Rest is becoming more and more a part of my life these days but I try to consider that I will be long enough not able to rest once baby arrives!

Nutrition Preparation 
I just started a Whole30 today! (30 Days of 100% Paleo Nutrition) I have roughly 30 Days left until baby is due so I am preparing my body with optimum nutrition with the aim of reducing any inflammation in the body (and also the birth canal) and in theory, helping to birth the baby easier. I have done some research in this area and the idea is that if you eat alot of grains, sugars and processed foods (which I try not to by and large but sometimes the odd morsel does cross these lips!) it can lead to excess puffiness in the birth canal and make baby's descent more difficult. Not the nicest thing to consider but hey, anything that makes it less difficult eh? I feel it will also improve my recovery after the birth and I have been busy stocking up my freezer with bone broth and homemade casseroles, soups and stews to eat in the days and weeks following the birth. As we all know, these are tiresome days and sometimes eating healthy can be a task in itself, what with cluster feeds and lack of sleep. I am really determined to allow my body to be as strong as possible before the birth and also to aid my recovery afterwards. Some people think I am mad to take this on in the last weeks of pregnancy but to me it is like the final preparation and I want to give me and my baby every chance to have the birth I hope for. Baby may have other plans of course!

To keep track of what I will be eating on this Whole30 and what foods I recommend you eat in preparation for birth, follow my journey on instagram:

Breastfeeding is something I am really passionate about and determined to do this time. I have been busy reading my Booby Book  which is really worthwhile if you are interested, I am planning to attend a breastfeeding class in my local hospital in the coming weeks and I am attending a LLL meeting this week, The more support you can get the better your outcome will be in successful breastfeeding so I have been trying to do as much as possible. Hopefully our journey will be a successful one.

So that it is so far, I am on the lookout for a Paleo suitable lactation cookie recipe to boost breast supply in the days following labour so if you have any ideas?!

I will keep you all posted on my Paleo Baby's arrival!

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