Monday, 16 February 2015

Paleo Pregnancy Diary: My First 12 Weeks of Pregnancy

I thought I would do a blog post on my pregnancy so far for those of you who may be interested in my journey. I have had so many messages of congratulations and well wishes since I made the announcements on my blog recently - it has been so nice to have such support from all the readers.
I found out I was expecting in early December at around 5 weeks. We were very excited as we had been planning on adding to our family and it was such a lovely feeling knowing we had been successful. In hindsight the signs were there - my poor husband claims I was a little, ahem, moody for a few weeks leading up to the discovery but I reckon he was clearly imagining it! ( :) )
As Christmas was just around the corner I knew there was very little chance of me being able to keep it from family so we decided to tell my son Nathan (11) and he was SO excited to be the first the know. I think he actually exclaimed something along the lines of "FINALLY" hinting that he had been a long time waiting for the news! We told close family at Christmas and decided to keep it to ourselves until after the 12 week scan.
Paleo Pregnancy
Overall I have been very lucky and have no sickness at all. Sometimes I feel a little nauseous in the morning but only a tiny bit and it is usually if I have veered off plan the day before. I know that keeping my diet clean is the reason I have stayed so well. If I go off plan at all I really feel it the next day - I am exhausted, irritable and thirsty. So I have been trying to keep as good as possible while still not being obsessed with every single thing I eat. I figure if I want a small treat and keep within the 80/20 rules I will be fine. Prior to pregnancy I was super disciplined but I find that I am definitely craving bad foods more.
My Tips To Overcoming Sugar Cravings:
  • Ensuring a protein rich breakfast such as eggs within an hour of waking
  • Always having protein with every meal and snack
  • Having a piece of fruit when I feel like a sweet treat (with nut butter or nuts/seeds)
  • Ensuring adequate fat intake to keep me fuller longer as well as being very important for babies nervous system development.
  • Try a good quality dark chocolate of at least 75% cocoa solids
  • Treat myself to Paleo treats instead of refined sugar treats.
Pregnancy SuperFoods
I am also being very good about making sure I am eating adequate pregnancy super foods. Some people may find some of these decisions to be controversial as many of them go against conventional advice such as liver and raw cheese but I feel that these foods are forgotten superfoods which would have been eaten by fertile members of traditional societies for their fertility boosting properties. I plan on doing a full blog post on the foods I have been ensuring I include so stay tuned.
For me it is important that I stay active throughout pregnancy. Sometimes I feel people get a little obsessed with taking it easy during pregnancy and entirely stop all physical exercise. Of course it can be tough if you are suffering extreme morning sickness or fatigue but in most cases pregnant ladies should continue to stay active. I once heard someone say "Pregnancy is like a 9 month training for a 24 endurance event" - you wouldn't totally cut out all physical exercise and do a massive endurance event and labour is no different. Staying active reduces the chances of gaining to much weight during pregnancy (too much weight gain can increase risk of premature labour and large birth weight in baby) as well making it easier to lose baby weight afterwards. It also helps keeps you fit for labour which requires a lot of energy and stamina.
I started going to Crossfit last November and have been going throughout my pregnancy. The key for me was to ensure my coaches knew from the off and were therefore able to ensure I always used proper technique when lifting which is obviously so important to prevent injury. I have also been very aware of my limitations and listening to my body. If I feel something does not feel right or if I feel too tired to make it to a session I will always ensure I do what I feel is right. For me, although I am still hitting PBs, this is not about taking it all too far but rather about keeping strong and in shape for as long as I feel it is suitable for me. Right now I feel fine to continue but will review it at each session to see what is the best decision for me. I have also been getting in some walks and plan on taking up pregnancy yoga in the coming weeks.
Bump Watch
There has definitely been some bumpage appearing in the past week or so. It is at that tricky stage where is still sort of looks like I ate all the pies rather than being a bump but I am trying to embrace it! I think it feels a little strange as I am used to being slim and I find it funny to see this bulge but I know it is my little baba growing in there rather than a muffin top!
I hope to make these posts a regular part of my blog for the remaining 6 months. I hope you enjoy them and continue to come back to read them!
Talk soon


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