Thursday, 5 February 2015

My biggest Paleo Project to Date!

It has been a busy few months here in Irish Paleo Girl HQ! I have been super busy since Christmas with lots of projects in January and plenty to keep me occupied. I am really happy at where my business is going and its growth to date and am loving the variety of my clinics and teaching people the benefits of good nutrition via workshops and talks.

I have been busy working on a VERY important project over the past few months one which I am really excited about but haven't been able to share up to now. Intrigued?!

It isn't actually work related at all! It is more of a personal project....... my very own Paleo Baby!! :)

We are really happy to be welcoming our newest addition to the family in August!

I am not going to lie, it has been VERY hard to keep it Paleo over the past couple of weeks. I done a Whole30 in January which was very good for me. I always wanted to know how it would feel to do a Whole30 while pregnant but I done it with no difficulty and I think it really helped prevent morning sickness as I had very balanced blood sugars and very little nausea.

I have been really lucky as I have been very well up to now. I finished my Whole30 last Friday and I have been having MAJOR cravings for bread of all things since! I decided to make my own bread the other day to help me overcome the cravings and it definitely helped. I will probably add in more Paleo baked foods to help with my sweet tooth but to also limit me reaching for the wrong foods.

I am usually very disciplined with my eating but I am finding it pretty tough over the past few days. Damn hormones!

I will be adding more pregnancy related topics to my blog if anyone is interested and will be taking you through my journey of Paleo Nutrition in Pregnancy!

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