Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Easy Recipe: Paleo Fried Chicken Tenders

My son isn't 100% Paleo but he is gluten free, dairy and sugar free to the most part.
I keep our meals at home unprocessed and avoid packaged foods and refined foodswhich means he misses out on pizzas and chicken tenders - all the types of foods "normal" 11 year olds like to eat.

He has been asking me alot lately if he could have chicken tenders for dinner. We recently had grain free chicken tenders at a Paleo party at a Crossfit box I will be soon joining (that is a post for another day!) and he asked me to try and make them. This is what I came up with and I must say, they were pretty tasty and went down a treat with the "big" boy too!

Ingredients (makes 9)
3 chicken fillets
1 cup of ground almonds
1/2 tsp ground garlic
1/2 tsp paprika
2 eggs, whipped
Fresh Parsley (to garish, optional)
Salt & pepper
1/2 cup coconut oil for frying

Cut the fillets into strips (you should get about 3-4 out of each depending on size) and season with salt and pepper
In a bowl add ground almonds, salt, pepper, paprika and garlic.
Add beaten eggs to a shallow dish
Dip the chicken pieces into the egg and coat well. Add to the ground almond mixture and ensure well coated with the almonds. Shake off any extra almonds. Place to the side and continue until all chicken is coated
Meanwhile melt the coconut oil in a pan until quite hot (you can add in a piece of chicken to check if it is hot enough)
Place the chicken pieces in, in batches and cook for 5 minutes before turning and cooking for a further 2/3 minutes until cooked through.
Put onto some kitchen paper to drain. Garnish with fresh parsley

Serve with homemade paleo ketchup and sweet potato fries!


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