Monday, 8 September 2014

The Importance Of Taking Time Out

Yesterday I posted on my facebook page about how important it is to take time out for ourselves. It really hit home for many of you, and I decided that it would be a good idea to do a blog post on it.

We live in a society where there it is almost considered socially acceptable to be stressed out and overworked. We almost boast about our level of busyness and sigh at the amount of work we have. The thought of taking time out for ourselves seems selfish or unnecessary and we are almost ashamed to admit that we might actually need time out.

I have been guilty of this in the past. I scoffed at people who had time for TV or baths - what is the point in wasting time on that when you could be working? Overworking myself - working full time, studying, being a mother and wife and also taking care of my home. I am not looking for praise here. I am pointing out the busy situation I was in, like many other people, and I was afraid to admit that I might actually need a break.

The past few months have been hectic for me. Finishing out my diploma, working, moving house, starting my own business and I have been guilty of working too hard and not taking time out.

Yesterday I decided to shut down my laptop, turn off my phone and leave the housework! Something clicked with me and I realised something - It is so important to take time out and look after yourself. Taking time out is not an indulgence, it is a necessity and it can be a great way to deal with stress and clear the brain when things have been a little hectic. It is important for your mental health.

Do not compete with friends and family over how busy you are. Rather rejoice in time out and boast about how much you enjoy your time to yourself. Life is short. It is important to work hard and be successful. But it is also important to be happy and spend time with family.

Give yourself some time out today. You may be a wife, mother, employee, entrepreneur or a work at home Mum but you cannot be good for anyone else if you don't look after YOU.

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