Sunday, 7 September 2014

IPG Weekly Roundup 7/9/14

Hey ho Paleo peeps! 

Another week down and another Weekly Roundup! 

It has been another busy week here in IPG HQ! 

As you all know I have recently relocated to Meath so it has been a little crazy getting used to our new area and getting unpacked and settled in. But we are getting there and I cant believe how quickly we are adapting to a new area and getting into our new routine. 

I am loving having more time at home with my son. I have been enjoying alot of walking and sunshine. My dog can't believe his luck! He is being walked more than ever before and I am enjoying having the time to slow things down and walk everywhere. 

I had a busy week work wise too. I started a new cycle of the IPG Challenge on Monday last. A great bunch the September group are, and they are already doing fantastic! Delighted for them all. It is amazing how quickly your body adapts to eating real food. I think it is going to be a very successful cycle! 

On Tuesday last I travelled to Naas to visit Anne in Studio 3 to speak about my new Nutritional Therapy clinic I am about to open! It is a lovely location in a quite area with free parking. Anne is a Homeopath herself and her business partner Gillian is a Yoga instructor. They are a lovely team and I am looking forward to starting there. If you are interested in booking a consultation with me please email me on 

I also got the chance to deliver a talk to Resurrection 8 Crossfit in Celbridge at the weekend. The talk focused on Paleo Nutrition and I am delighted to work with the lovely Crossfit family there over the next 30 Days as they embark on a 30 Day Paleo Challenge. During the month they have committed to eating 100% Paleo and reaching their Crossfit goals with Lorna in Resurrection 8. They are a lovely group and I am really excited to work with them. I will be meeting them for the next few Saturday mornings to check on their progress so I will fill you in! 
To speak to Lorna about joining their Crossfit box email her on

I have been back in the kitchen trying out some new meals and this week I experimented with a brand new recipe - The Epic Burger! It was amaze-balls and I thouroughly enjoyed making it and of course, eating it! 

Check it out here - Recipe Epic Burger

I have another busy week ahead. I am due to travel to Ashford Wicklow tomorrow to meet with the lovely Linda to speak about setting up a 2nd clinic in her Energise Therapy Clinic. Really excited about meeting with her. 

I am also meeting with Niamh in The Ivy Cookery school to speak about running a Paleo themed cookery evening with her. She is a fully trained chef so it will be interesting to see what Paleo masterpieces she comes up with! If you would be interested in attending a Paleo masterclass please email me on

It has been a busy time for me recently and today I decided to SLOW DOWN and take a day off. I posted on my facebook page earlier about it. Sometimes we can forget to take time out for ourselves and just take some me time. I had a wonderful day just doing fun things with my son like enjoying the sun and reading a book. I will be making a concious decision to do this more in future. All work and no play is not a good thing either! Take some time out! 

I think that is everything for this week. 

Looking forward to another productive week. 

Chat soon
Keep It Paleo

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