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IPG Weekly Roundup: 21/9/14

Another week over and time for another IPG weekly roundup! 

Time is flying by! Can't believe how fast each week passes! 

I got a chance to help some lovely clients in my clinic in Naas this week. It is so nice to have someone come to you for one issue and walk away after helping them with much more than they expected. I love my job and helping people realise their potential through real food is so rewarding. If you want to get help with your health issues through food in one of my clinics (Ashford, Wicklow or Naas Co Kildare) please email me on 

Wholesome Wednesday
My recipe this week was a delicious simple Avocado Chocolate Mousse. With only three ingredients I created a beautiful healthy dessert! 

Try the recipe here  

Research Papers 
I do alot of reading and love studying the latest research papers in the nutrition arena. One paper I came across this week was one linking the use of artificial sweeteners with obesity. In the study scientists examined how artificial sweeteners affect the metabolism of mice. 

"The team found that the mice that drank the water containing glucose and an artificial sweetener developed glucose intolerance - elevated blood sugar levels - whereas the mice that drank water alone or water containing only sugar did not."

Furthermore they found that these changes were brought on by changes in the gut microflora of the mice. It is fascinating and shows that the gut flora play an important role in overall health. 

Read the paper here  

Are "Health" Bars All their cracked up to be? 

I posted this photo to the facebook page during the week and it got massive response. We are all guilty of being pulled into the marketing claims of these types of foods and believing the hype. The health food industry is a massive one, people are more health conscious than ever before and the industry has cottoned on to this, tapping into this market by bringing out so called health foods to cash in. We as consumers need to be careful of being misled and need to be aware of which foods really are good for us and not just neatly packaged sugar laden foods. Check your labels and don't be codded by the claims. 

Read the original source here 

Paleo Talk
I got the chance to meet a few members of the Naas Athletic Club when I delivered a talk on the benefits of following a Paleo protocol for endurance athletes. They were a lovely crowd and I hope I changed one or two opinions of the merits of this way of life. 
If you are interested in me hosting a talk on any aspect of Paleo nutrition please email me on I am always happy to spread the Paleo word! 

I was really excited to attend an event today hosted by IANT in Dublin. Internationally renowned speaker on Gluten and Coeliac disease Dr Tom O Brien is the host of The Gluten Summit (really recommend you listen - available at 

It was an amazing talk on autoimmunity and the gut which I really enjoyed and learned alot from. It was such an honour to meet him after having him play in my ear over the past few months! 

Another week lies ahead of me with lots coming up. I will be announcing another cycle of my popular 30 day Paleo Challenge:

My 30 Day Challenge Meal Plans include recipes like the following:

Chicken & Sweet Potato Coconut Curry with cauli-rice
Alfredo Chicken "Pasta"
Paleo Meatloaf
Egg and Bacon Muffins
Curried Butternut Squash Soup
Avocado Smoothie
Lamb Meatballs with courgette "pasta"
Rib Eye Steak with sweet potato wedges

Sign up to my 30 Day Challenge this October and increase energy levels, balance blood sugar levels, balance hormone levels, boost weight loss, Reduce inflammation, improve athletic performance.

30 day meal plans, weekly shopping lists, group support, nightly Q&A sessions.

30 days. 100% Paleo. Lifelong lessons.
If you are interested in taking part please email me on 

Have a great week and remember;

Keep It Paleo!

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