Sunday, 17 August 2014

New Weekly Blog Feature: The IPG Weekly Round-up

Hi all! 

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead! This week is a fairly important one for me, if not a little sad! On Tuesday I will be working my last day with my lovely workmates in McSharrys. It is sad as I will miss all the gang and all our laughs but it is also exciting! After over three long years of blogging as Irish Paleo Girl and simultaneously studying to become a Nutritional Therapist it is time for me to take the plunge and take on the Paleo Nutrition World! As of Wednesday I will be working 100% for myself, growing the Irish Paleo Girl brand and spreading the nutrition word! It is a big step for me but one which I am ready to take. Wish me luck! :)

As part of this I will be adding a number of new features to my blog to keep it fresh and interesting and also to bring you all as much information as possible. 

One such feature will be this particular weekly Sunday blog post: IPG Weekly Round Up where I will be doing a post on the key topics which arose in the media relating to nutrition the week prior (Paleo or related), key articles which I came across, as well as filling you all in on any personal endeavours and upcoming events etc.  

This week I came across this great recipe from Mary the Paleo Chef for an Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Tea. Inflammation is at the root of all chronic disease and we must reduce it in order to reduce our risk of developing autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease and cancers. It also plays a part in pain. This delicious tea is described as a "hug for your gut" and it certainly sounds like one! 

Salt - it has always been vindicated as a major health risk with a huge role to play in the development of heart disease. However a new study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine this week has concluded that too little salt can also be attributed to increased risk of CVD. The study involved more than 100,000 people in 18 countries and assessed daily sodium and potassium intake, relating them to blood pressure levels and risk of stroke and heart attack. 

Worried about the impact of processed meats and bacon on your health? Read this great article from Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple in which he explains that so long as we choose good quality cuts and also focus on potassium rich vegetables and fruits, the effects of nitrates and other compounds can be avoided. So enjoy that piece of organic bacon! 

And lastly - this week marked the release of the full list of new words to be added to the Oxford Dictionary in their August Update. Alongside such words as "side-boob" and "YOLO" you have the addition of "The Paleo Diet" which will be described as: Paleo diet, n: a diet based on the type of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans… 

That concludes the IPG Weekly Round-up of great pieces from across the web. 

Be sure to come back next Sunday! 

Keep It Paleo

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