Sunday, 24 August 2014

IPG Weekly Roundup W/E 24/8

Hi all! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 
Time for another Weekly Roundup :)

It has been a busy week for me! I finished up my day job on Tuesday in order to focus on nutrition and growing the Irish Paleo Girl brand. It was a tough decision to make but I think it was the right time for me having just finished my Nutritional Therapy qualification. It was time for me to take a chance and do what I want to do. I have invested alot of time in my blog and facebook page and helping others realise the benefits of Paleo, and I want to build on that. Thank you all very much for the fantastic response and wishes of good luck over the past few days. It was lovely to receive all the well wishes and it really made me more confident that this is the right move for me! 

We are also knee deep in boxes! We are due to move house this coming week so I have been busy packing everything away. I am almost packed now except for the kitchen as I have to leave the something out to cook in! It has been challenging the past few days trying to keep food healthy and on track. It would be so easy to just order a take away but it wouldn't be worth it for me. It is important we eat well, even if we end up eating out of saucepans! :) 

Apart from packing I have had a little more time to spend in the kitchen. I say a little, as ideally I would love to have more time but with everything going on it has still been limited. I have managed to try a couple of new recipes out too which is great. 

Recipe RoundUp

I made a delicious new recipe for Spiced Turkey Burgers which were fabulous! I will be sharing the recipe later this week.

I shared a new recipe with you all too - Spicy Chicken Legs. These are really delicious and taste like those tasty chicken wings you often see in BBQ joints. Lovely as a snack or a quick and easy main meal. 

Try them out - I think you will enjoy them! 


Did you know that the method we cook our eggs can have a bearing on its nutritional value? 
Boiled eggs have the most nutritional value of all cooking methods according to an article I found this week on The Paleo Fix. Check it out, it is worth a read. 


Hummus is one of those foods that I frequently get asked about. People miss it and can't believe that their much loved "health food" is not as healthy as they previously believed. 

I was happy to find a recipe for a Paleo version this week based on courgettes. The recipes, from the great Chris Kresser is a great substitute for the popular dip, minus the legumes! 

Check it out here 

There we have it guys. My weekly RoundUp. Another busy week ahead with a launch of another cycle of my 30 Day Challenge the Big Move and planning for my upcoming seminar in Celbridge. 

Until next time,  

Keep It Paleo 

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