Sunday, 31 August 2014

IPG Weekly Round-up 31/8/14

Hey all! Another week done and dusted! That means it is time for another IPG Weekly Roundup! 

It has been a CRAZY week around here! I moved house across the country from Roscommon to Meath. It was all a little stressful but we got here and we are settling into our new home. There are still boxes everywhere and don't ask me to find you anything clothes related, but we are here! 

The first thing I done when I got here was unpack all the kitchen stuff! I couldn't deal with having everything in boxes. My kitchen is one of my favourite rooms and I wanted to have some order to that space, so I spent hours getting everything cleaned and all my belongings put in. 

I made our first Sunday lunch today too, a delicious roast chicken, and it was so lovely to be cooking in our lovely new kitchen. 

I also got some amazing news on Monday! I found out I have been short listed for the Blog Awards Ireland in the Health and Wellbeing section. I am deeply honoured by this, especially since there are some AMAZING blogs in that category. Thank you to everyone who nominated me and to the judges for short listing me from the huge list of amazing contenders. 

Work wise it has been a busy few days for me, with a new cycle of the IPG Challenge due to start tomorrow. It has been busy getting everyone signed up but we got there and I am really excited to help another group of people embark on a more healthy relationship with food. The groups are so friendly and helpful to each other and this one looks like a great bunch! 

Well done to my August group who finished yesterday. They done fantastic! I hope it is the beginning of a life long journey. 

My Wholesome Wednesday recipe was Mexican Spiced Turkey Burgers which I recommend you try! They have beautiful flavours and you get a great kick from the added chilli! 

I have another busy week ahead with the IPG Challenge and my upcoming seminar in Celbridge next Saturday! I am really excited about it and hope to meet some of you there! 

It will basically involve a seminar which will cover the following: 

  • What is Paleo Nutrition and why the original diet is the best one. 
  • Why most of what we have been taught about nutrition is wrong
  • How Paleo Nutrition can be useful in reducing inflammation, healing the gut, alleviating symptoms of autoimmune disorders 
  • How Paleo nutrition can have a positive effect on your athletic performance
  • How to incorporate Paleo nutrition into your family's lifestyle
I also be hosting a 30 Day Challenge in conjunction with Crossfit West Dublin in Celbridge. This will include the seminar, closed facebook group with support and Q&A sessions, meal plans and recipes plus weekly meets at the Crossfit Box. 

To book a place for either the seminar or the Challenge, please follow these steps: 

2) Click on class timetable
3) Click on the link
4 ) Create a user name and password
5 ) When they are signed in go to ONLINE STORE
8) This will allow them to book online.

That wraps up another week here! I will hopefully be able to spend more time cooking this week so keep you eyes peeled for some new creations! 

Keep It Paleo

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