Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Five Reasons Paleo Isn't Working For You

I often get messages from frustrated readers who find they are not getting the results they had been hoping for from Paleo. If your goal is weight-loss it can be frustrating when your best effort just doesn't pay off. 

We're here to help! Here are 5 of the common errors new comers make to eating Paleo. 

5. You Are Eating Too Many Nuts 
Oh nuts. Delicious nuts. So practical and wholesome, they make great snacks and can be used in so many ways from cheese cake bases to grain free bread bases. They really are the wonder snack of the paleo world. But are they all good? Too many nuts will hinder your weight loss results and can imbalance your Omega 3:6 ratios. Avoid eating too many nuts or using them as a crutch or as a meal replacement. They make a great snack but should remain just that - a handful or two is more than enough per portion. (A "handful" is the amount which can fit on the palm of your hand) Choose macadamias and walnuts for higher omega 3 content. 

4. You Are Not Being Organised Enough 
Eating a healthy wholesome diet takes preparation and effort. Yes it can be a pain in the ass always having to think about what you will be eating but it has to be done. This is the source of fuel for your body and your brain! You wouldn't allow your car to run out of fuel or be ridiculously unorganised about refilling your oil tank would you? So why not put in some effort into your food intake? It only takes two minutes to grab a few salad essentials from the refrigerator in the morning. Pair that with a tin of wild salmon and voila, instant packed lunch with no fuss. If you don't come prepared you will be tempted to reach for something from the deli next door to work (and we all know how that tends to turn out!) Pack a lunch. Your waist line will thank you for it :)

3. You Are Eating Too Much Fruit 
Fruit is a good source of nutrients sure, but it is also super high in fructose, a type of sugar which can be toxic to the body in high quantities. It is processed by the liver but cannot be used as energy and can contribute to non alcohol fatty liver, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Excess fruit can hinder your weight loss and can even hinder your digestion (through fermentation). This is all before we consider that the fruit they ate during the Paleolithic era was at worse very bitter, and at best only a fraction of the sweetness of today's fruit. Vegetables always trump fruit and we should be aiming for about 5 portions of vegetables daily, with a maximum of 2 pieces of fruit. Choose less sweet varieties like berries, apples and pears. 

2. You're Eating Too Much "Paleofied" Foods
Paleo versions of foods are great. They provide us with a delicious treat at the end of a tough week or can be a nice family brunch on a Saturday morning. But these foods should remain just that - treats. If you are reaching for the "Paleo" Chocolate Cookies or Banana Bread every evening you are missing the point. Replacing one type of bad food with another is not the way to approach Paleo eating. We are focusing on real foods and optimising our nutrient intake. Leave the treat foods for special occasions and focus on the healthful gains of Paleo eating instead. 

1. You're Treating It Like A Diet
After years of yo-yo and low fat dieting it can be difficult to switch off the mantra of "Eat Less, Lose More". It is not you fault - we were brain washed into thinking that way and it can be tough to turn that off. Paleo eating is not a diet. It is about eating real unprocessed and nourishing foods in the right portions to leave us satisfied. Once we are eating the right types of foods our bodies adapt, we naturally eat less and weight loss will follow if needed. Stop restricting your food quantities. This only results in over eating at the next meal and cravings for sweet foods later on in the day. Focus on well balanced meals with quality proteins, healthy vegetables and good fats. 

I hope these tips help you all out. 

Keep It Paleo! 


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