Monday, 10 March 2014

Review: Delicious Baked Foods From Paleo Crunch

Those of us who eat Paleo know how difficult it can be to find treats which fit in with our food philosophy. Sure treat foods should not make up a large part of our diets, whether they are Paleo or not, but wouldn't life be very dull if we never had treats?! 

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic for me. I had a big exam on Saturday last so the past few weeks have been taken up with studies at every spare minute. This left very little time for cooking - my husband pretty much took over all the cooking - so I have not had much time to spend making myself tasty treats. 

When Una of Paleo Crunch offered to send me some samples of her baked foods I jumped at the chance! We all know that studying usually leads to a little more comfort eating than usual and the odd treat is very much appreciated in between the constant stream of revision. It just makes things a little easier and more enjoyable to have a little something nice to eat when we are working hard. 

The package arrived and I ripped it open with anticipation! I had expected to get a couple of slices of her selection but was thrilled to find full cakes of a variety of baked foods - a banana bread, an almond and linseed bread, a multi-seed loaf, a carrot cake and a chocolate brownie. 

The food was delicious! My son (who is Type 1 diabetic and who I try to keep as close to paleo as possible) loved the food too. He brought the bread to school for his lunch and also enjoyed sharing the cakes! I also brought some carrot cake and banana bread into work to share and the girls really enjoyed it. So it will definitely be well received in any home - Paleo or not. It was such a treat to have healthy bread and cake available for me when I was short on time and it was equally nice to have them fit in with my food philosophy. 

The banana bread (pictured above) was moist and delicious with the right level of sweetness. The carrot cake was amazing - fruity, moist and so moreish. But the brownie was FAB! It was easily the nicest brownie I have EVER had, hands down. It was moist, chocolatey and just delicious. I was just sad it wasn't bigger!

I knew I would not be able to eat everything so I sliced the breads up and froze them on a baking sheet and then once frozen I put them into freezer bags. This was great as it meant I could take a slice or two out as I needed them. 

Una kindly sent me a list of ingredients for the foods I received:

Banana bread: Bananas Ground almond Coconut Coconut oil Mixed spice Eggs Honey

Ground Almond and linseed bread: Ground almond Linseed Coconut flour Eggs Coconut oil

Carrot Cake: Ground almond Honey Spices Carrots Raisins Walnuts Eggs

Brownie: Avocado Chocolate Cocoa Honey Coconut flour Eggs

Multi-seed Bread: Ground almond Honey Mix of seeds Linseed Eggs Coconut oil

Here is a menu of the foods she currently makes:

How Do I Order? 
Orders can be placed directly through the Facebook page "Paleo Crunch" by private message or by text on 0879044052.

Loaves start at €7 and brownies/carrot cake squares are 4 for €5.

I have already decided I will be ordering a Paleo birthday cake for myself next month from Una! I am already excited about it! :)

I would definitely recommend Una's food. She is an enthusiastic Paleo eater and is very active in her local Crossfit community. She is professional and easy to approach.

Check out her facebook page for great recipe ideas and tips to keeping it Paleo. It is so great to see others flying the flag for Paleo living in Ireland.

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