Monday, 10 February 2014

Restaurant Review: Sauvage Paleo Restaurant, Berlin

I am just back from a lovely weekend away with my husband in Berlin. We had a lovely weekend of sightseeing, relaxation, wine and delicious food. It is a beautiful city with so much to see and it is so steeped in history.

A highlight of the trip was of course my much anticipated Paleo meal on Saturday night! As those of us who eat Paleo food know, it is so difficult to eat out and have the type of food we like to eat. We are usually left to make do with whatever foods we can adapt to our needs and steak is usually the outcome. (not that there is anything too bad about a good steak!) 

So I was absolutely thrilled to discover that there was a 100% Paleo restaurant to be visited in Berlin (friends joked it was the ONLY reason I was visiting Berlin!) 

I was so excited to visit the restaurant and we hit off on Saturday evening for our reservation at 8.30pm.

The company have restaurants in two locations in Berlin - one called Neukolln in Pflugerstrausse which is more casual and views itself as both a dining place and a meeting place for health enthusiasts and which also holds Paleo cookery classes. The second is in Winnstrause and is called the Prenzlauerberg restaurant. We visited the latter and we really did get the refined dining experience promised by their website (here)  

The restaurant is set on a quiet street and is has a lovely intimate and slightly rustic setting which is very in keeping with the Paleo theme. Lit largely by candle light and decorated with minimal decor, the interior is also dotted with unique pieces of art work like the one above of our table of hunter gatherers tackling a bear to the ground. All of this added to the atmosphere and the general theme of the food. 

The moment I got my hands on the menu I got goosebumps! This might sound ridiculous for those of you who may not understand the passion of Paleo and good nourishing food. For me seeing a menu of food with excellent ingredients, nutrient dense super-foods and a philosophy so close to my own it is like I wrote the menu myself is so exciting. 

I think I could liken it to the thrill some ladies get from seeing a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes in a shoe shop window or purchasing the newest MAC Viva Glam Collection by RiRi before anyone else. For me, good, real food is my passion but unfortunately it is not always easy to find a restaurant which fits my philosophy so closely. This is the feeling I got as soon as I started reading the menu in Sauvage. 

You are first met with an introduction to Paleo and what it is about. It is a comprehensive explanation and well explained. Next you are met with a range of Paleo cocktails with such delicious and nutritious ingredients they make you almost forget they are alcoholic! I choose a delicious vodka, honey, kombucha and ginger one which was delicious (and possibly a little lethal!) 

My non Paleo husband also dined with me and choose an organic beer which he was very taken with.

We were also given a complementary amuse bush of a very tasty coconut soup, pate with onion marmalade and a Paleo cracker. It was tasty and warming. 

The menu was wonderful with several tapas style options which you could choose as a starter or order several if you choose to share. There was also plenty of variety. 

For starters I choose a duck consommé which came served with a Paleo cassava bread. It was delicious and fresh and felt very nourishing! My husband choose a pork belly dish which came served with a purple sauerkraut and a spiced apple sauce. He loved it and was definitely happy despite his non Paleo tendencies. 

Our main courses were just as delicious. I choose the grass-fed beef which came served with a macadamia crumble, coconut puree, wild broccoli and a licorice jus. It was delicious! Alan opted for a rack of lamb with pistachio thyme crust which came with a sun-dried tomato purée, stir-fried sprout and a cumin jus.

I also choose a lovely shiraz to go along with my steak at the suggestion of the waitress and it went very well. 

All in all my Paleo meal was amazing. I really enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant. From start to finish it was so exciting to be in a restaurant where I could eat everything on the menu and all the items were chosen for their nutrient density. Each page of the menu had little snippets of information about the nutritional profile of the foods such as explaining the Omega ratios in grassfed beef versus regular beef.

If you love great food, are passionate about good ingredients and are looking for a real food experience in Berlin, visit this restaurant. You wont be disappointed.