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Paleo Success Stories - "This Is My Life Now, I Enjoy It And It Makes Sense To Me"

Meet Jane Nolan. After struggling with yo-yo dieting for years she embraced the Paleo diet and has fantastic results with it. 
Here is her inspiring story: 

"I have struggled with my weight pretty much all my adult life. My parents opened a newsagents when I was 15 and I’ve had a sweet tooth ever since. In the last 8 years I have had two big weight losses and then put even more weight back on. When I’m ignoring the problem I eat & drink what I like when I like – when I’m happy & celebrating and when I’m bored & tired. Complete mindless eating.

I was quite often get into "food ruts" as I call them – eating the same thing for ages. So I was probably on a porridge & juice for breakfast, shop bought wrap or sambo with crisps & a diet coke for lunch and then for dinner it would have been a chicken and a jar of some sauce with rice or pasta for dinner. The funny thing is I always felt that wasn’t tooooooo bad. Could have been worse eh? Add on top of that regular meals out. Wine on Fri & Sat nights (possibly a bottle both nights...!) and of course “treats” – cos sure didn’t I deserve it after a busy day/week/weekend whatever the reason I always deserved it! Sweets in the office on a Friday, cake & a coffee on a Saturday – every day was a treat day!

It Was Affecting Me In More Ways Than Weight..... 
A couple of people asked me was I asthmatic as I would be wheezy when playing golf or cycling. I suppose my body was working hard to lug my 18 plus stone around.  I’d also have a fair bit of heartburn and burping. My mum is on reflux tablets (as was her Dad) and I could see myself heading that way too. And my feet would be so achy after playing a round of golf. 

Something Had To Change..... 
I just knew I couldn’t keep going the way I was. I was moving up a dress size and more clothes in my wardrobe didn't fit me then did.Friends were encouraging me to do something but I knew I would need help. A friend recommend No 17 Personal Training on Merrion Sq and I started with Sophie there on July 1st this year. They recommend Paleo eating and that's when it all fell into place. Three 30min sessions a week and eating clean - to date I’ve lost 3stone in almost four months. I have always loved exercising but I would often go for a swim and then have a large hot chocolate and muffin afterwards.... Pointless really. The penny has finally dropped that's it’s all about the food. I can’t exercise my way out of a bad diet.

My Diet & Lifestyle Changes 
Breakfast now is usually a 3 egg (1 full & 2 egg whites) scrambled egg with veggies. Sometimes I will have something different - I had 2 mackerel & half an avocado this morning. I bring in my own lunch and that has been key for me. A lunchbox full of chopped veggies – the usual, cucumber, courgettes, celery, white cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, rocket etc etc with a either a pork chop, steak, chicken breast, lamb steak. And dinner is kinda similar – lots of veggies with protein. I vary the veggies by cooking them different ways and also make sure I have different proteins sources during the week so it doesn’t turn into another food rut. Lots of water and a couple of coffees (have to have a drop of milk in them) and that's about it. I don’t weigh or measure out anything – I can’t cope with being hungry so I just eat loads of good stuff.

My diet has changed and while I’m doing this for weight loss at the moment I have significantly reduced alcohol – really only special occasions until I am nearer my goal. 

I have also been working out with Sophie in No17 Personal Training 30mins three times a week before work and love that - we really work up a sweat in a very short space of time. It is great to be at the desk at 9am with your workout done. She pushes me hard but is very encouraging and she gives me a proper talking to (read as ass kicking!) when I confess to having had a glass of something or a slice of something else.
I cycle 3miles in and out to work just cos its so much quicker then the bus. I’ve recently plucked up the courage to join Dublin Wheelers which I know I couldn’t have done before I started Paleo. Early days yet but hoping I can keep up.

This Is My Life Now..... 
My mam asked me recently how long was I going to have to stay on Paleo – I said till I’m 80! It works for me and I really really like it. You feel healthy, sleep great and it’s just good regular food. When I first heard about Paleo I focused too much on what you can’t have. As soon as I figured out the tasty variety you can have with food that works on Paleo it was so much easier to wrap my head around.

Update 20/3/2014 - 

Had a great January thanks to signing up for the Irish Paleo Giirl Facebook group - and I'm not just saying that. I went to Lanzarote for chrimbo and thoroughly enjoyed it so was having a drink most nights.. Made a pact that my last drink & chocolate was just before midnight on Dec 31st and had my food shoppping done so hit the ground running come Jan 1st. Thanks to that group, the support and encouragment and eating really clean and being back in the gym I lost 13lbs during January. Chuffed.
Have continued my PT sessions in No 17 with Sophie - lots of weights and kettlebells. Been trying to keep up with the Dublin Wheelers - something i couldn't have considered last year. Have signed up for a 4mile fun run in Dunboyne next week and the 10k Great Run in April - and persuaded my sister to join me for the fun run.
Food has been the biggest part without a doubt.My guidelines for myself are:
-  Protein at every meal
- Good variety of veggies
- Never go hungry - snacks in the bag at all times

As I said this is me for life – I’ve found a way of eating that suits me, I enjoy and makes sense to me."

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