Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Top 10 Tips To Keeping It Paleo

Struggling with Paleo Nutrition or just curious where to start?

Check out my Top Ten Tips for making the transition to Paleo.

Here they are:

10. Research, Research, Research
Do plenty of reading on Paleo. This is not a do it tomorrow type diet. You need to read into it, understand its foundations and be 100% ready for it. I recommend checking out all the blogs and sites above, as well as possibly buying at least one book. I started with Loren Cordain's "The Paleo Diet" but I found it quite scientific and bland. I wholeheartedly recommend "Practical Paleo" by Diane Sanfillipo. I also recommend "It Starts With Food" from Melissa and Dallas of Whole30 creation! It is an excellent book and explains the whole concept of Paleo and the science behind it, without boring you completely! It is available from Amazon here.
Knowledge is power.

9. This is a lifestyle change not a diet. 
We have all done it or at least seen others so it. You want to lose weight so you embark on a "diet" planning it for X amount of weeks or until Y event. You go hell for leather, telling yourself it is only for a while and then you can eat the way you want again. Right? WRONG!
Unsurprisingly this never works and the weight gradually goes back on over time.
What went wrong? The goal was short term and aesthetic and not directed towards health. You need to view this as a long term goal, a journey for optimum health and well being. Part of a bigger picture. Until you view it that way you will never fully adopt the paleo way. Sure we all slip up sometimes, and very few are 100% paleo - but you have to strive for it.

8. Fat is your friend. 
Yes I know I know, we have all been told for years that fat is bad. That fat kills. That fat causes heart disease...yada yada. Alas we have been fooled. Sure some fats are bad - vegetable oils and margarine kill - but real fats like butter, coconut oil and olive oil are GREAT! They fill you up, they provide energy, they taste good and they are healthy! Do not be afraid of fat. It is truely your friend!

7. Forget everything we have been told about nutrition!

Ok so not everything - we all know we should increase our fruit and veg intake and that we need to drink plenty of water. But the stuff they don't tell you is that grains are not health foods and you should not be eating 6 portions of refined carbs a day! Also as mentioned above, fat is not to be excluded from your diet. Eat healthy fats with relish and enjoy their sustenance. Do yourself a favour and pretty much ignore the entire food pyramid! Fats + Protein + Veggies = Meal. Simples.

6. Get Your Ass (back) In the Kitchen

It still surprises me the number of people who do zero cooking at home. We were always provided with home cooked meals growing up, and I wouldn't even consider takeout for dinner. It is not difficult to cook from scratch. Relying on pre-packed foods and food from a packet is not a recipe for a good meal. Rather it is a recipe for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Get some meat and vegetables, cook it and eat it. You don't need processed junk. You and your children are developing on this food, if you put crap in your not getting the best from your body. Do yourself a favour and eat real food.

5. Plan your meals for the week

I am not saying plan everything with military precision. But it pays to buy your shop weekly and have a rough guide of what you will be eating for the week. Think about your breakfast. Do you have eggs, bacon, fruit etc to ensure you have something to eat or prepare for breakfast all week (or most of). What about lunch? Will you be having leftovers or do you have something handy in the fridge to cook up to bring in a box?
Remember the motto - "Fail To Prepare, Prepare to Fail".

4. Do this for you, and ignore the well meaning comments of others. 

This is probably the toughest part of going Paleo or any healthy eating regime. Other people often do not get it and love to tell you how much they disagree with your way of eating. The fact is people believe what they want to believe. They have been convinced by health "experts" that grains are an essential part of the diet and needed for dietary fibre etc, and they choose to believe it because lets face it - we were all reluctant to give it up right?
The fact is people will be quick to judge your "Atkins style diet" while munching on bagels and cream cheese and wondering why their own "diet" isn't working. Ignore them. Do not try to preach and be happy in the knowledge that they will soon be asking "Have you lost weight"??

3. Start A Blog

I have to say that starting my blog and facebook page were the best thing I ever done. I started it more as a way to keep myself accountable and share information with a small number of people. Little did I think I would ever get any interest, let alone almost 19,000 fans. Sure it is not the thing of literary greatness but all the same in my little world it is pretty darn brilliant. I am so thankful for all the interest and if I can help just one person reach their personal goals I will be happy. Start your own blog. You never know who you may help or befriend and it will help you stay on track.

2. Do a Whole 30. 

You do not have to do this immediately, although it is a great way to begin if you are an "All or nothing" type of person. I didn't do the full Whole 30 thing until a few months after I began Paleo, but I definitely recommend it. It is a great program and really puts you on the straight and narrow. It is especially useful if you have serious sugar or carb cravings. I also run my own 30 Day Challenges.

1. Enjoy your new found health!

Trust me Paleo makes you feel amazing. Before I started Paleo I was constantly bloated and sluggish. I hated my abdominal area and always felt a mid afternoon slump. Now I have far more energy, feel happy in my own skin and above all I feel healthy and happy! Everyday we see sick people and more and more people on diabetic medication or on medication for blood pressure etc. Knowing you are doing everything you can to combat all of modern societies ailments feels great. Why wait until you have a health problem. Prevention is the best cure!

Keep It Paleo,
Denise x 


  1. Day 6 of my first whole 30 - enjoying your blog!!

  2. Great tips Denise. I am a great testament to the 30 days.
    I just came back from holidays, bloated and feeling sluggish with all that alcohol, bread and sugars. For the first time in my life, I went back to eat properly (see, not dieting, eating properly) and I don't see it as a punishment but a reward to my own body and mind.
    If there is one thing I took out of the whole experience is not to see this a a diet but as a new relationship with food. I don't have to starve or binge, I can choose the food that nourish me and keep me full for longer.
    Hope you and the baby are keeping fine. R, Ainara