Friday, 31 May 2013

My May 2013 Whole30 Experience.

Hi all!

Hope you are all well!

Yesterday marked the end of my May Whole30 so today I was officially enjoying a little more leeway in my diet.

For those of you who do not know what the "Whole30" protocol is, in a nut shell it is a strict elimination diet which aims to promote healing through diet. It is a Paleo protocol eliminating grains, sugar, alcohol and dairy and aims to reduce digestive problems and gut issues which in turn leads to a reduction in inflammatory disorders. Check out their website on (Dallas and Melissa are a cute married couple who just had their first baby. Believe me, their beautiful photographs alone will inspire you!)

This was not my first Whole30, in fact it was my fifth Whole30 in the past 2 years. It was no more challenging than the past times though let me tell you! If you are a fan of my facebook page you will know that I had a little blip in my determination last weekend! I was feeling a little sorry for myself and truth be told I really wanted  a treat! But I got through it and I am so delighted to have succeeded at my fifth Whole30.

This time I set out with one specific aim - to improve my digestion. As a Nutritional Therapy student I understand the importance of good digestive function and emptying the bowels every day. Despite my best efforts I was not achieving this. So I decided to go 100% clean and alcohol free as well as adding a daily probiotic in order to achieve this (Optibac Maintaining Regularity).

I have to say the Whole30 was a fantastic way to achieve my goal. Not only was my digestion fantastic but my energy levels have been superb. I have had no dips in energy despite my busy schedule. Bloating and indigestion disappeared and overall I felt amazing.

Weight loss was not my goal so I was nervous I would loose too much. Thankfully my weight-loss did plateau at 4.5 lbs which I was happy with. I always panic after the first 1-2 weeks as I seem to loose weight quickly in the beginning but all was well in the end.

There is something terribly rewarding and righteous about eating 100% clean and knowing you are putting nothing bad into your body. It feels good and healthy and right. But it can also be stressful in social situations if not handled in the right way.

When I am doing a Whole30 I make sure I have nothing in my social calender which may deter me. However life is life and inevitably something comes up and you are cast into social ambiguity and really want a chip or an alcoholic drink or a bun and you cant have it! I was proud of myself that I managed to get through a recent unexpected dinner in someone elses house! Whilst I couldn't have a proper meal I was able to have some plain protein and coleslaw which was just enough to keep me full and just enough not to be rude!

Typical Daily Menu

BF: Spinach Scrambled Eggs
Snack: Almonds, banana
Lunch: Mackerel Salad
Snack: Pecans, Apple with almond butter
Dinner: Grilled Pork Chops with roast sweet potato, green beans, carrots, parsnips
Snack (if needed) Orange/Raisins

Overall my fifth Whole30 was a success and definitely will not be my last! In fact I am already planning my next one in August, though I think it will be more of a Whole14 or Whole21 next time! :)

Now, time for a glass of vino! ;)


  1. Hi There!
    Fellow Irish Paleo Girl here! I am on day 18 of my 1st Whole30 and its going good butI agree its very challenging! Especially with the recent weather we are having, everywhere I look there are BBQ's and picnics to attend! Congrats on finishing yours, my digestion is super now I really can't believe the change in that!

  2. Thank you for your fine blog and getting the word out there!

    While I admire those who go 100%, I find 80-90% more achievable and rewarding. I have been on evolutionary nutrition for about 20 years now, and have had wonderful benefits. I am 60, and fortunately very fit and very healthy! I attribute almost all of my unusual health to living and eating like our ancestors way back, what I call an evolution diet