Friday, 5 April 2013

Book Review: "A Modern No- Nonsense Approach To Paleo"

When Alison Golden of PaleoNonPaleo gave me the opportunity to be one of the first to read her new book, I jumped at the chance! I had been a long time follower of her blog and she has become an inspiration for me too in many ways.

"A Modern No-Nonsence Approach To Paleo" is a pure gem of a book. Whether you are just considering trying Paleo living, are already started but are in need more information or are a seasoned Paleo follower and on the lookout for new ways to overcome common challenges, this is the ideal book for you!

The important thing to bear in mind about this book is it is neither a cookbook or a scientific run down on the merits of Paleo. Both have been done before. Instead, this is a no nonsense guide to developing your skill set in order to fully take on and overcome many of the challenges faced by us in a Non Paleo world.

Lets face it, even for those of us eating Paleo for quite some time, life throws a lot of challenges our way - parties, birthdays, work lunches, holidays etc, and it is sometimes very difficult to say no and stay strong!

This is where "A Modern No-Nonsense Guide To Paleo" comes in handy!

Alison utilizes her skills in organisational behaviour as well as her own three year personal experience of following Paleo eating tos put together a complete guide for the hows of Paleo rather than the whys.

The book has six sections ranging from sections ones "Understanding Paleo" to Section sixes "Building A Strong Paleo Personal Core" and truely covers everything inbetween. From getting a support group in place early, to getting your kitchen Paleo ready and learning the best ways to do your Paleo shopping, Alison has it covered.

I personally love her section titled "Go Gradually" which basically teaches us that small changes can make a big difference in the long run. She suggests changing one thing at a time like subbing your vegetable oil for coconut oil and taking it from there. This is a great tip - many people take on too much at once and then get bored.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It truely does take a no nonsense approach to a challenging matter and puts in place real, tangible ways to overcome them.

It certainly got me thinking and I will certainly be referring to this book again and again for tips on how to improve my own Paleo living in a Non Paleo world!

Buy it here (US) or here (UK/Ireland)

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