Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Positive Thoughts - The Key To Success

Good evening all!

Hope you are all keeping well and slowly easing your way back in to post Christmas/New Year life!
Do not let your  growing sense of doom take over (so your boss was an a-hole today and your child decided to start the first working day of the year with a vomiting bug), but rather use 2013's brand newness to knock yourself into action.

Set yourself some goals - be they diet related, work focused or aimed at your personal life, I find the beginning of the year is an ideal time to dwell on your aims for the 12 months ahead.

Taking on a Whole30 is no different. We need to consider the reasons we are embarking on such a challenge - what do we hope to achieve, what do we aim to gain from it?

Even if this is not your first Whole30, exploring the reasons we have decided to retake this challenge is important too. Discovering what makes your body tick, what your triggers are and what your cravings are say a lot about what we need to change in our diets as a whole.

For me I am doing my fourth Whole30 to reset my system after a not always perfect Christmas season. I need to get back to basics and being an all or nothing type of person I need to go 100% sometimes to refocus my goals.

Eating clean for health and optimum wellness is my key aim nowadays. Admittedly this was not my original aim for beginning Paleo eating, but as a result of my journey it is where I am now.

My personal aims for 2013:
Eat as close to optimal Paleo as possible while incorporating other health benefits - eg herbal teas, fermented foods etc
Get back in shape! I need to get moving again - I used to enjoy jogging. I have decided to go for lunchtime walks 2/3 a week and to start a kettlebell class.
Study Study Study - I am currently studying to be a Nutritional Therapist. This year I want to learn as much as possible and read as many food related books as I can.
Be more positive - Look at the positives in myself, situations and others more.
Be happy!

What are your goals for 2013?

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