Wednesday, 16 January 2013

January Whole30 Update: The Return Journey Always Seems Shorter!

Hi all,

Hope you are all having a positive January so far and I hope those of you, like me, doing a Whole30 are happy!

Today officially marks the second half of January and therefore the second half of my January Whole30!
Like a lot of journeys, the return journey always seems shorter than the 1st journey (getting to the destination!) and sometimes goals like the Whole30 can feel that way!

Once you get over the initial difficult faze things inevitably get better and much easier. For me my Whole30 has not been 100% plain sailing. Last week I unfortunately had to start a course of antibiotics for a bad case of strep throat.I am actually still on antibiotics and my gut is not the best for it truth be told.

But at least I am eating clean and helping my gut in every way I can, given the circumstances. Hopefully once I get off them and I start my probiotics I can get back to healing again.

Food wise I have been keeping to my reliables and knocks to my budget has meant no added extras. I have been concentrating on bone broths, homemade soups, plenty of salads for optimal phyto-nutrients and snacks of nuts etc.

Weight-wise I lost my Christmas weight in just 2 weeks Paleo eating. (I had gained 4.5lbs over festivities).
The real challenge for me from here on in is to actually minimize any further lose (I know, it is irritating for others to hear this but believe me this can be just as annoying as the opposite).

So, next week in particular portions will need to increase and snacks become more substantial.

All in all I am happy with my cravings (as mentioned earlier in the week I would love a glass of wine but not too badly!).

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