Thursday, 6 December 2012

Is Food The New Crack?

I have been eating a Paleo diet for over 18 months now and looking back at my first posts on here I realise how much this lifestyle has become an important part of my life.

When I first committed to eating this way I viewed it as a short time strategy to loose a few pounds around the tummy and feel better about myself in the mirror.

What I got was something so much more.

I evolved from a refined carbaholic to someone who is passionate about not just looking and feeling my best, but to someone who is passionate and AWARE of everything I eat.

I make decisions based not on the calorific content of food, not on its "Points value" or even it's saturated fat content, but rather how it exists as part of the meal I am eating and as part of my food intake for that day.

Food has to be about quality, substance and nutrient density and not just about gratification. It can be pleasurable but should not be therapy. It should be satisfying but not a crutch.

These are the main things I have learned in my journey so far.

As time as gone on and I have been inspired to make this passion a part of my long term plan, I have returned to part time education to train to be a nutritional therapist. I really believe stubbling upon the Paleo way of eating was a key part of my decision to take this new and exciting path, and it another reason I am thankful for it's discovery!

But following this clean, real food diet has also made me more aware of the bad state of society's diet.
People are all to happy to put such unbelievable crap in their bodies. Eating food based on it's points value rather than it's nutritional value is just wrong.

I am all to aware that not too many years ago I too believed low fat was healthy, that cracker bread was pretty good for me, and pasta was nutritious. But I none the less enjoyed vegetables and salads on a regular basis, and cooked homemade food from scratch the majority of the time.

People are well and truly addicted, and food is their drug.

Healthy eaters can be viewed as the enemy, the drug squad, ruining their buzz and not understanding their situation.

Food is these people's crack and we need a 10 step program, FAST.


  1. You are completely correct and the main problem especially here in the U.S. is it is hard to find good quality foods that are trully organic non GMO foods unless you grow and raise it yourself. Its a vicious outcome almost conspiracy against the foods we eat and living healthy to keep drug companies in profits.

  2. So glad to have stumbled upon your site. I too am Paleo, have been for around 6 months now and I feel so strongly about the state of our food society, that my Paleo diet is permanent and I'm spreading the word over here in England! Refreshing to see a site that's no from the US. Your recipes brought me here. I thank you.