Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 - Lets Start As We Mean To Go On

Ah Christmas.

A time to rejoice, but unfortunately also a time many of us overdo it!
I have definitely been guilty of overdoing it. Too much food (good stuff and not so good stuff) and too much alcohol.
My system is well and truly due a RESET of epic proportions, and I am looking forward to it.

Breaking the cycle of bad eating is tough. Just as our bodies learn to love healthy food, it quickly comes to crave the sugars and processed foods we worked so hard to eradicate.

This is why a Whole30 reset is crucial for me. I am an all or nothing girl, requiring clearly defined goals. Perhaps it is deemed as unhealthy for most but for me, eating 100% Paleo is the only way for me to reset after a bit of overindulgence. I need clarity and cleanliness at every turn and find it liberating and exhilarating once my body gets used to it again. 

So 1st January looms and I am preparing for a month of 100% Paleo.

This means;


No easy task, but totally possible.

2013 will also be an important year for me on a personal level as I am getting married in September so the turn of the New Year is even more exciting!

I hope you will follow my journey in 2013 and beyond and that you too enjoy the experience of eating clean and real food.

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