Monday, 9 April 2012

Time To Return to Basics

Hey Paleo Peeps.

So, today is my 27th Birthday, and like the beginning of a New Year, for me this feels like a good time to change for the better.
While I have taken on the Paleo Lifestyle since July 2011, and to the most part adopted it as a way of life wholeheartedly, I have of course had my lapses.
Everyone has bad days of course. That day we decide "Screw it I'm going to have some regular icecream" or "Damn it I am going to over indulge in beer". But as long as the journey is MOSTLY Paleo we don't feel TOO bad about it.
It is when we begin to make more and more excuses to make exceptions that this becomes an issue. And alas this has been the case for me in the past week or two. I have began to make excuses and I am not happy with that. I havent touched the dreaded grains. But I have been enticed into consuming chocolate and cheese and the truth is I feel like crap and I dont like it!

Don't get me wrong. I have still been about 85 - 90% Paleo but I feel I need that extra push at the moment and I really want to get in proper shape again. I have become a little "soft" and I want to tone up and get out exercising again. I aim to include 3 workouts a week of core workouts, lifting and walking/sprints. I will do some research on these but would appreciate some advice.

Also, if this is something I want to do for a living i.e Nutritional Therapy (I am currently studying Naturopathy) I must practice what I preach.

So it is Time To Return To Basics!

I will be returning to 100% Paleo for the next 27 days (its merely a coincidence this matches the number of years I have been on this earth, but a cool coincidence none the less) and will follow the plan right up to the 6th May when my sister will be having her Hen night. (I have also roped her into this and will be reporting on her progress too. She doesn't know this yet. Or didn't until now....Sorry sis!!)

So the 100% Paleo Challenge begins tomorrow.  Sometimes we have to scale things right back to see why we began the journey in the first place.

I would love to have a few more people on board with me. Together we can encourage each other and stay on track.

Here is what I will be doing:

NO GRAINS including breads, pastas, cakes and buns
NO SUGAR including honey or stevia
NO DAIRY eg milk, or cheese (I will be eating butter as I do not react to it personally)
NO VEGETABLE OILS cooking only with olive oil, coconut oil or butter

So here is to the next 27 days.To becoming more healthy and to being more in control of our bodies.


  1. I'm in. I need to get back on track too. Just as soon as I finish this cup of coffee...

  2. so im only noticing this now, nearly one week in and im really enjoying it. Thanks for the shout out on the blog. Im off tomorrow and im grabbing recipes to make tomorrow. Ill keep you posted on the outcome of your recipes. Oh and i stopped eating the porrridge for breckfast. The one non paleo meal i had was not good for the bowels, changed my breckfast and alot better.