Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day 2 - Easier Than Expected

Happy Wednesday! :)
More than half way through the week and Day 2 of my 27 day Paleo "detox" almost complete.
It has been fairly easy so far.

Day 1 consisted of the following eats:
2 Boiled Eggs & Green Tea
Banana & Orange snacks
Lunch: Ham and salad with avocado
Dinner: Minced Beef Stew with Sweet Potatoes, green beans
Snack: Almonds

I think the major aspect was alot less caffeine throughout the day and no excuses to eat  "treats" with the girls at work.This had started to become an issue and I was starting to have "just a tiny bit" too often. I decided to do this 27 day challenge to prove to myself I don't need to succumb to this food and also to remind myself of how far I have come. I did not want to loose sight of that to the point that I was eating crap all the time.

Day 2 (today) was a little more difficult. Not on the eating front, but energy wise as I was awake quite alot last night was a cough. I definitely drank more coffee than I had planned to, but I needed something to boost me.

Eats were as follows:

2 x boiled eggs with green tea
Banana, Almonds and Orange
Chicken and spinach salad with a mayo and grain mustard dressing
Dinner: Salmon with roasted veggies incl sweet potato and squash with broccoli
Snack: Sultanas

All in all things are going well and I feel less inflammed already. Although I am relatively good most of the time it is amazing what a few small tweaks can do. I have taken some echinacea and garlic to hopefully tackle my growing cold symptoms.

And it is off to get some therapy of another kind I go! ZZZZZ

Bye for now....

P.S I have no camera at the moment so excuse my lack of photos. Hopefully I get one soon.

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