Monday, 2 January 2012

Time To Suck It Up... ;)

Happpy New Year Paleo Peeps!

Wow, can't believe I haven't published anything on my blog in so long. And man has the lack of accountability had a negative effect on me.

If you are reading this it is time for me to officially suck it up and admit it. My Paleo Christmas has been far from perfect. And I ashamed of that, I really am. I could just sit here all smug and judgemental and say "Yeah I rocked it" but I think that by lying I would not be taking accountability for my mistakes and bad decisions, and it would also prohibit me moving on properly.

Things started so well for me. I finished my Whole30 on 1s December, and apart from some wine, I stayed true to my eating plan, determined not to get sucked into the "Xmas Eating" so early I would be eating shi*e all of December. I remained strict - no grains, dairy or sugar and minimal alcohol right up to Christmas Day. Even then I refused the grains but did give in to the dairy and desserts.

But it began to get bad the next day when I ate bread with dinner. It was only one slice and it didnt effect me too badly so I thought Id be fine.

Gradually the treats began to creep in more and more, with  my healthy steak now suddenly including onion rings and my soup roll somehow making it into my stomach instead of being politely declined. Things spiralled really and by yesterday my toned, flat stomach was a ball of blubber rivalling the tummy of a 5 months preggers lady.

Most notable of my symptoms has been the return of PMT for the first time in months - something I hadn't expected. Que uncomfortable bloating, irritability and crabbiness. Also my joints have been stiff (surely 26 is too young for that!?)

Don't get me wrong - I wasn't 100% back on SAD diet, but "treats" and exceptions were becoming more and more regular.

So bless me for I have sinned... now what is my penance?

I had originally planned a January Whole30 but I have reconsidered things and as I have a few social outings in January. I now plan a strict Paleo month but with some small tweaks. Call it my own Paleo detox version :)

I will include minimal alcohol and some potatoes (but very minimal until I feel normal again)
I will be 100% sugar, dairy and grain free.

I am very much looking forward to beginning to feel normal again. My binges were a bad idea, but if nothing else they have reaffirmed to me how important this lifestyle is for me and my well being.

It is all to easy to look at my weight and/or clothes size and think "OK, I've reached my goals, I can eat "normally" again"  just for a few days. BAD idea! Paleo just doesn't work like that - its not a quick fix or a fad diet. While I never intended to slip back to SAD eating, the problem is that once you start introducing foods they slowly become the norm and you quickly become addicted again.

I fully regret making these decisions, but I am ready to move on, suck it up (and suck my tummy in) and get back to normality.

Today was good for me food wise. I started with bacon, 2 fried eggs and toms and mushrooms.
Lunch (out) was a beef burger and salad)
Supper was ham and a banana.

We were visiting family but I refrained from the offered goodies.

So thats it! My conscience is cleared and I can move on!

How did your Xmas go!? Did you do better than me or did you have some slip ups??


  1. I was good this year, but only because I remembered how badly this summer went. We moved and I ate a couple things I shouldn't and it snowballed. Before too long I was bringing home Ben & Jerrys and grabbing a hamburger! Yikes!

  2. The slip ups were with white rice (well, geez, I do live in Japan and ate out a few times) and honey or maple syrup on Paleo pancakes or in desserts. While they're "approved" sweeteners... they're stalling my weight loss and helped me regain 4 pounds. :( So... no more added sweeteners, no matter how "acceptable" they are! Gotta get that 4 pounds off as I still had 20 to go for my goal of 50 lbs weight loss... Good luck!!