Thursday, 22 December 2011

Its Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas......

Its that time of year again!

The log fire spits soothingly, the smell of cinnamon infused baked goods fill the air, and children no longer speak in terms of days but how many sleeps there are left until the man himself arrives. Its CHRISTMAS!!!

Christmas always conjures up strong emotions and brings the inner child out in all of us. I don't know who is more excited preparing Santa's snack on Christmas eve - me or my son!  But there is one thing for sure - Christmas is a time for spending time together, eating delicious food and having a few sneaky glasses of wine!

But where does this leave our Paleo lifestyle? One thing our Paleo ancestors certainly didnt do was celebrate Christmas!! So they would not have had a yearly binge session. However they more than likely did celebrate special occasions or a large hunt etc. So food festivals were almost certainly a part of their culture.

However you decide to eat this Christmas make the decision and stick with it. Many of you may decide to stick to 100% paleo, others may decide to include dairy/sugar/alcohol for the day. All is perfectly acceptable for your own goals. If something makes you physically sick and you eat it anyway, this may not be a good idea, but if you decide to include dairy etc, leave the guilt at the door and enjoy it! Christmas should not be a time for stressing about food so just eat as well as you can and enjoy your food.

I haven't fully decided what I will do, but I will more than likely avoid grains and include some dairy and sugars. I plan on going Whole30 in January again, just to reset my gut and start 2012 on a good note. I will be entertaining on the 26th Dec and have decided not to keep the menu Paleo, as I would rather my guests be happy. I will not eat the planned bruchetta!

On another note, I applied for and sent my cheque off for a Naturopatic Nutrition course today - which I will be starting in Jan! It is a three year course but starting in Jan means I can fast track first year and start my second year in September. Exciting times and new ventures await me in 2012 and I am both nervous and apprehensive. 2011 has not been the best year for me personally (I am unemployed since Sept) but here is to new beginnings!

I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and all the best in your 2012. Thank you for reading my blog over the past few months, and thank you for motivating me to keep writing, trying new recipes and Keeping It Paleo!!


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