Monday, 28 November 2011

Day 28 - Update of my Whole30 November Challenge

Hey Paleo Pals!

Hope you are all well! I can't believe I haven't posted since Friday, so apologies for that! Hope you haven't missed me too much!

My weekend went well, Saturday was fairly quiet and uneventful as it poured rain all day! Not nice!
We did go to the cinema Sat night to watch the Twilight film (which I loved btw). Me, my bottle of water and (counterfeit) nuts! Love to live on the edge eh?!

Me and my son at Xmas Party, sorry for blurriness

Yesterday was a challenging day eating wise I have to say. My son and I attended a children's diabetic party for families affected by diabetes in the area (my son has been Type1 for about 15 months). We travelled there for the 1pm start time and thankfully I had fed my son before we left as we didn't get food until well after 3pm! You would think of all the groups they would ensure diabetic children got fed quickly to avoid hypoglycaemia! There were nearly tears (his) and tantrums (mine) but he enjoyed it once he got fed!

I was so hungry myself as I had only a banana for breakfast (thinking I would be having dinner early)

Dinner was Turkey & Ham with the works but I just avoided the potatoes and stuffing and piled my plate with  veggies. It was delish.

I wasn't expecting dessert too so I went to the bathroom and when I came back there was a lovely looking plate in front of me. My heart sank because I am fine once the bad food isn't in front of my damn face! On the plate was a trio of desserts including strawberry cheesecake, Christmas cake and profiteroles with choc sauce. Man that was tough! But I refrained and figured if I broke it now, with just 3 days to go, I would never forgive myself. So I ate the apple and strawberry garnishes and wrapped the Christmas cake in a napkin for my fiance.

Anyway, I am so grateful I didn't eat anything bad.

I know I could harp on about the fact I am glad I have almost done my Whole30 and that I can only envision myself 100% Paleo for ever etc etc, but the truth is I am not sure how I feel!
100% Paleo is amazingly challenging and difficult. A life without any sweetness, even honey, would be so tough for most people. Meat and veggies are so delish but sometimes satisfying a sweet craving has to be done!
It can also be incredibly restrictive when out and about especially when you have no choice over what you are offered to eat.
But I do feel proud of myself for proving to myself that I CAN do this - challenging though it may be.
And I do think any healthy eating worth their word should do this for 30 days. Coz it is easy to say "Don't eat this, don't eat that" but until you go off everything yourself for 30 days you don't know what you're talking about!

My eating has gone like this for the past few days:


Brunch: Bacon, 2 poached eggs, toms and avocado

Dinner: Bacon salad with cashew nuts
Supper: Steak, onions and tomatoes

BF: Banana
Lunch: T&H Dinner with creamed carrots and parsnips and Brussels sprouts
Dinner: Bacon and fried egg, banana, apple

Monday (Day 28)
BF: Bacon and 2 scrambled eggs, banana
Lunch: Tuna Mayo Salad with an apple
Dinner: Irish Lamb Stew with cauliflower mash

That's it for now! Hope you are still hanging in there and doing great. I know a few of you from the facebook page are still plugging a way, so keep it up! I can't wait to hear all your results!

Bye for now, chat soon and remember, Keep It Paleo



  1. Well done on the desserts, I can only imagine how tough that was to arrive back at your place and find sweets waiting there. You showed great resolve!
    I sometimes feel that if I don't have to look at or see the cheesecake then the cheesecake does not exist :)
    You nearly have the Whole 30 done so good for you, only two days to go...

  2. Thanks PaleoIrish!
    It is true, I am fine once I don't see the food, then I never want it or even think about it, but put it in front of me and it's a different story!

  3. Great job. My experience with the Whole30 was that it seemed like days went by so slowly at first, then zap! they were gone. Remember what they say about the Whole30: it is NOT the Whole365. It's not a forever program. Pat yourself on the back. You're doing great!