Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 6- My Whole30 November Challenge

Day 6 Amigos! :)

I love Sundays - family lunch and quality time.

We went for a big dinner in my parents and we tend to all chip in and help cook.

My sis made a tomato soup to start and we had roast chicken for dinner.

We then went and visited my other half's mother and got tea there! So we were out all day and got fed well! A great Sunday all round.

I am anxious about loosing too much weight on my Whole30. I know most people have the opposite problem, but I had kind of reached my goal weight before I started the 30 day challenge and I am afraid I will loose more. My collarbone is fairly noticeable at this point so I am going to evaluate things this week and try and eat more calories. Maybe I have not been eating enough.

Anywho, my son is back at school tomorrow after his mid term break - so it is back to routine thank god.

My Food for Day 6:

Breakfast: 3 x streaky bacon & 2 x scrambled eggs (cooked in bacon fat)
Black Tea

Lunch: Homemade Tomato and Veg soup
Roast Chicken, mashed cauliflower, carrots and parsnips and brussels sprouts cooked in onions, garlic, chilli and chicken stock

Tea: (more) bacon, a fried egg and a grain free sausage.

Snacks: Medjool dates (4), banana, apricots (2).

I hope your Day 6 went well! Until tomorrow, eat well, eat Paleo!! ;)


  1. Concentrated Coconut Cream, also called coconut butter, is one of my favorite high calorie whole foods. It's really very good right from the jar, my favorite way of eating it.

    Your day sounds great. It also sounds like you must be feeling much better.


  2. Thanks Pamela

    I haven't see this in the shops around here but I will look out for it for sure!

    I am feeling much better now thank god. Much more positive and happy too. :)