Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day 5 - I Heart Paleo!!

Hi all,

I wont keep you long! So it is the weekend, and with the weekend comes the "treat" mentality. For me, a treat is going for a coffee and a salad these days! Oh how things change! Once upon a time my 8 year old son and I used to go to a cafe on a Saturday and share a piece of black forest gateau or something equally decadent! Bu since his Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in August 2010 and my conversion to Paleo this is a thing of the past. But we did treat ourself to coffee and salad. (He had non Paleo Lasange - he isn't Paleo unfortunately, a little at a time, Ill convert him eventually!)

I also treat myself to steak at the weekend too - something I never used to do but it is something I love now

Anyway apart from that nothing to report - today was a breeze food and temptation wise and I am feeling a lot better. All is good! Hope you are doing good too, please share your experiences!

Menu - Day 5

Breakfast- Salmon, stir fried veggies, avocado, black tea

Lunch - Chicken Salad

Dinner - Striploin Steak fried in butter, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, sweet potatoes in coconut oil and leftover broccoli.

Snacks - None so far - I might have a banana later.

Man I love Paleo! Beautiful food, no counting calories tediously and no holds barred on the fats.

Paleo 4 Ever! :)

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