Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 30! The End or The Beginning?

Hey Paleo Peeps!!

Hope you are all well on this the 30th day of November and the 30th day of my Whole30 November!!

It is hard to believe this is the 30th day and the "destination" of my journey. I have spent 30 days aiming for this day, and now that I am here I am not fully sure how I feel about it!

Its almost like when you spend hours on a road trip and your destination is all you can think of. You have the whole journey mapped out, the best route to take, the most suitable places to refuel, but you haven't really considered what you will do once you park up and get out of your car!!

I thought once I got to this point I would be elated that I could loosen the reigns a little and eat potatoes or drink some wine. But truth be told I am not counting down the hours to midnight to crack open the Pinot Grigio! My fiance asked me today "Are you going to eat chips/fries tomorrow?!" My response was "I doubt it". I think he thought I would be elated by the prospect, but my answer was fairly unemotional.

I suppose that last word sums up how my relationship with food has been changed by this experience. Food is no longer something I need as a pick me up. Refined carbs and sugars are no longer required to make me feel happy, and I no longer reward myself with bad foods. So for me this is not the end, but merely just one part of a longer voyage! Merely the beginning.

I have no intention of going off the rails and gorging myself on pastries and bread. But I am looking forward to having the occasional paleo baked good.

Whilst I have been Paleo for 4 months now, and therefore didn't make as many changes as someone starting out from scratch, but I none the less encourage it for anyone - novices or those wishing to get back to basics.

I definitely feel very proud of myself that I have got this far. It has been challenging but not impossible. And I definitely feel more justified in helping others on their Paleo journey.

I may even be persuaded to do it all again in January!

Full results, weight wise and otherwise, tomorrow!!

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  1. Your reflections on completing the Whole30 remind me so much of my own. It's been four weeks since my 30 days were over, and while I haven't adhered to the protocol, I've ventured away very little. I've had wine now and then, part of a baked potato one morning after a bit too much wine, and a paleo dessert, once. Thanks so much for letting me follow along on your journey. It's both encouraging and affirming.