Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 22 - A Low Point?

Hey Paleo Peeps!

Another report from your favourite Irish Paleo Girl! ;)

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading these posts.... *Hello, anyone out there....*
But I guess they say blog writing is good for the soul....

The past few days have been low points for me on my Whole30. I can't say why to be honest. I don't even think it is food related, but I feel shitty. I am trying to shake that and hopefully it will pass soon.

Maybe its hormones, maybe its the gaping hole in my social life, or maybe it is just because I have been unemployed for three months and with the job market the way it is, it is difficult to stay positive.

I am unmotivated and therefore have gotten fairly bad at taking pictures - apologies in advance for that!

Ok, so moan over.

Apart from this my paleo eating has gone well the past two days

My chowing went a little like this:

Day 21

BF: None, fasted until Lunch
Lunch: Leftover Lamb and Sweet Potato Curry
Dinner: Baked Salmon with homemade salsa verde and broccoli
Snacks: Apple, sultanas

Day 22
BF: Salmon Omelette (2) with avocado
Lunch: Leftover Lamb curry
Dinner: Minced Beef Stew with cauliflower mash
Snacks: Apple, Sultanas, Bacon and 1 fried egg
Exercise: 1 hour walk with dog

So that is it for now guys.
Hope ye are feeling a little more motivated than me today.

Only 1 week left of Whole30 for those of you joining me.

Keep it up and keep it Paleo


  1. do not get demotivated, you are an inspiration to us all following you and help on a daily basis with your updaates, i have felt a little flat today and dreamt of a nice latte or capp as the black tea thing is really getting to me grrrrr.

    Not long now.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Garry. Thanks for your interest, keep up the good work - you are doing great!

  3. I wish the best to all of you on food and non-food issues. I can't imagine that any of us stay up and motivated all the time, and I know for sure feeling the need to project that can be a drain in itself. One week to go! Wow!

  4. Hi there, nice to find another Irish paleo person. Hope that you are feeling a wee bit better now. It's tough when you are not feeling positive and it can be hard to remain motivated.

    Well done on the Whole 30, sounds like you are doing fine. I just dived into a paleo/primal eating style back in October and doing ok so far, lots of energy - now just to use the energy and get out for more walks...

  5. Thanks aseafish for he post. I am back to my cheery self again thank god. Just a minor glitch. I also have an interview Tuesday so please god it goes well.
    PaleoIrish - it is great to meet you! And you live quite close to me too! I am in North Roscommon. Where do you buy your organic meat in Carrick?

  6. I go to the farmers market on thurs mornings, the organic butcher has a stand there.
    Have you tried Castlemine farms? @castlemine is on twitter, been meaning to try them out, sounds like they rear good food.