Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Day 2 Whole30 November

Hi all!

I hope your Day 2s have gone well!

I am thankfully feeling a lot better today. My cold is a lot better so hopefully I will be able for a walk tomorrow.

Diet wise my day went well too, I did not find it too challenging and I am growing a taste for black tea.

If you are experiencing a lot of hunger throughout the day, chances are you are not eating enough fats, so do not be afraid to add some good fats to every meal. This can be done by adding avocados to meals, cooking using coconut or olive oil and adding clarified butter to meals. Nuts are also nice to add to salads.

I remember when I first started eating Paleo I had been so brain washed by low fat dieting that I was AFRAID of good fat! And it took me a while to realise I could eat it without worrying. So EMBRACE the fat - trust me it works!

The sluggish feeling you are maybe experiencing at this point is caused by your body switching from using carbohydrates as its main energy source to using fat. The sluggish feeling is completely normal and lasts from 4-7 days, after that you will start to notice you have more energy and feel better. It will be worth it, so stick at it.

It is important not to allow yourself to get too hungry though so eat often if you need it. Between meals try a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit or even just a snack of leftover meats etc. As the days go on your appetite will become less and less so don't be afraid of overeating at this point.

Just try not to overdo it on the nuts and fruit - it isn't an excuse to eat a kilo of almonds either! Just eat until you are satisfied.

Today I didn't really feel challenged by anything. It went fairly smoothly thank God.

My day 2 Menu

BF: 2 x Scrambled Eggs (in clarified butter) with crunchy Kale
Black Tea

Lunch: 1 x Pork chop with leftover veg

Dinner: Lamb Mince Stew with mashed cauliflower and green beans.

Snacks: Banana, almonds, apple, black tea.

I hope you had as good a day and remember - 1 day at a time and before you know it you will be at 30 days and somehow NOT craving bad food!

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  1. Good suggestions for avoiding hunger. My two favorites are slices or chunks of meat and concentrated coconut cream (also called coconut butter.) I eat it out of the jar with a spoon. It doesn't take a lot. Less than half a teaspoon usually leaves me feeling I've had a treat and not hungry.