Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 17 and my 4 month anniversary on Paleo :)

Hey ho Paleo Peeps! :)

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the benefits of your newly cleansed Paleo body as I am!!
Please share your experiences! I am so excited to hear about your progress so far, and a few facebook fans are already reporting massive losses in weight and looser clothes!

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these body changes occur after going paleo. It just goes to show how badly grains and sugars affect your health and digestive tract.

Yesterday marked my four month anniversary of going Paleo. It has gone so quickly and my body composition has changed. And also how my whole outlook on food has changed. Food isn't cheap entertainment to me anymore. My boredom is no longer an opportunity to gorge on pizza or panninis. I don't have to run to the toaster for buttery toast when in a rush to eat - thus starting a vicious circle of carb rush followed by sugar drop followed by carb rush........ I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. And if I fancy more meat, I eat it!

It is amazing that I have gone from needing to loose a few pounds to getting to the point where I feel I need to plateau. I tried on a new dress I bought a few weeks back in a UK size 8 (US 12?) and it is big on me. My fiance says I actually need to gain a bit back as I am loosing my curves. I would tend to agree to be honest. And I hope I do plateau soon.

My eating over the past two days has gone something like this:

DAY 16

BF: Liver, Bacon and veggies
Lunch: Leftover chicken casserole, an apple
Dinner: Bacon, squash, sprouts and carrots
Supper: 2 x scrambled eggs

Day 17
BF: Liver, bacon, fried egg, leftover sprouts
Lunch: Rib steak and veggies

Dinner: Lamb Bolognaise with courgette pasta
Snack: 2 mandarines

That concludes my day 17 update! Just 13 more days until Dec 1st! And I just organised a post whole30 girlie night out for 3rd December. Woohoo!!

Talk soon, keep it Paleo!! :)

-Denise x

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