Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 14 - Update

Hi Paleo Pals!

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days. Unfortunately my internet access was gone all weekend (major inconvenience!) but I have solved the problem and I am now up and going again! (Yes I am a technical genius!!)

The weekend was fairly uneventful and went well again, I wasn't tempted by anything per say although the roast potatoes my Other Half cooked yesterday for our roast chicken looked damn good.

I still have to admit I am happy tomorrow is the half way point on my Whole30. While I find the week days fine and easy to keep 100% Paleo, the weekend can be a right pain in the bum - especially when in other people's houses or when meeting friends for coffee etc. Worrying about what is in EVERYTHING in a restaurant/other people's food can be tough. I am not the type of person who likes to complain or make a fuss so it usually means eating nothing. Sometimes this is fine, other times, when you know you won't eat for a long time, this can be troublesome.

My food intake over the past few days has been as follows:


BF: 2 x fried eggs, liver, 1x piece of bacon and tomatoes

Lunch: I met my OH (other half) for lunch and couldn't eat anything on the menu really. So I choose an egg mayo salad. I left much of it behind me (much to his annoyance!) Salad should not be 50% potato salad ffs! GRR

Dinner: Homemade beef burgers with sweet potato fries and sauteed spinach on garlic

Snacks: Dried, unsweetened banana chips, apple,


BF: 2 x fried eggs with asparagus and bacon.

Lunch: Nothing :(

Dinner: Leftover beef burger, steak, sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil, onions, mushrooms, and spinach

Supper: 2 x scrambled eggs with smoked salmon


BF: Banana (I wasn't hungry and I had supper late the night before)

Lunch: Roast Chicken with mashed cauliflower, turnip and carrot and parsnip
Dessert: Fresh Pineapple

Supper: 1/2 an Omelette (we didn't have enough eggs leftover! So about 1 egg worth)

 So there you go! I have finally updated! I promise not to leave the updates so far apart in the future.

How are you doing so far? Does the halfway point tomorrow excite you as much as me!!?

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