Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day 1 - My November Whole 30 Challenge

So, my long awaited Whole30 challenge began today and unfortunately my body decided to conk and I am suffering from a really crappy cold today.

I  have not allowed it to ruin my Day 1diet wise however, but it is sapping my energy all the same and the lack of appetite has meant I have not really eaten much. I suppose it has meant I have not been craving anything bad.

The first day of a Whole30 is always challenging - especially if you are giving up refined carbs and sugars for the first time. It is completely normal to experience a small crash during the afternoon if you have not added enough fats to your meals. It is important to add this so you feel satisfied until dinner time.

I suppose the biggest challenge for me today was not having milk in my tea. Although I am a fairly strict Paleo most of the time, I do allow myself milk in tea only and white potatoes from time to time. I got through it though and I think I will be drinking more black coffee this month rather than tea.

Remember apart from tea and coffee you can only drink water. Drink as much as you can as it will help flush out bad toxins.

My Day 1 Menu

Breakfast: 2 pieces of bacon, 4 cherry tomatoes and 2 eggs scrambled in the bacon fat.
Cup of black coffee

Snack: Orange

Dinner: Baked buttered salmon with coconut oil roasted vegetables

Snack: Banana

As I said, my appetite has been poor today and I had to go to bed mid day so I ate less than usual.
Hopefully things go better for me tomorrow!

How did your day go guys?!!


  1. Have to say all your posts are,keeping me,motivated. Although I'm not joining the 100% paleo for 30days I have done well and only had milk in 1 cup of tea.

  2. Im so sorry that you are feeling bad. That is no fun, especially on day 1. My day has been good. I have eggs and bacon for breakfast with black coffee. I wasnt hungry for a snack. Lunch was grilled chicken, onions, bellpeppers, lettuce and avacado... a healthy taco salad :)
    This afternoon has been tough, but I have gotten thru it. I have an apple that I may munch on before dinner. But I cooked my dinner last night so I wouldnt have to think about it tonight. It is flank steak and asparagus. YUM! Day 1 has been smoothe...Being busy at works help too with the mindless eating.

  3. When I am feeling like you describe, I often fall back on the old chicken soup defense. I'll drop a few pieces of chicken, bones and skin included, in a pot along with onion and carrot and celery, if I have it, add a bit of salt and pepper and go back to bed for awhile. A crock pot works well, too, since you can ignore it. It's not fancy, but it can be quite soothing.
    Good luck on the Whole30. I'm now on day 26 and still loving it.

  4. Thanks for your comments! I am glad someone is reading my posts! :)
    Alena- Your menu yesterday sounds good. It is a good idea to bring snacks like an apple with you so you do not get over hungry. I hope today went as well for you.
    Aseafish - thanks for the soup tip. I am beginning to feel better thankfully, but I will keep your soup in mind for again! How have you found your Whole30? You're nearly there now!