Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Clarifying Butter; Making Ghee

Clarifying butter removes the mild solids from the butter, leaving behind just the fat. This beautiful golden bounty is also knowen as ghee.

It is essential to remove the dairy components and the water from the butter and make it Paleo friendly.You will be left with the pure butter fat. This also raises the smoke point of the fat substantially, making it less likely to burn and turn rancid.

And it is a lot easier than you think!


1 block of Kerrygold Butter


Cut butter into pieces and melt in a pot over a low heat.
Do not stir.
Once the butter is melted and golden you will see a skim on the top of the liquid and solids at the bottom. This is the part you want to get rid of.

Line a sieve with some muslin (a baby muslin works great here or even a clean cloth) in it and place over a bowl.
Gently pour the butter mixture into the lined sieve and allow the liquid to go through.
This will happen quite slowly, do not be impatient and squeeze or you might push through the milk solids.
The lovely golden mixture in the bowl is the clarified butter/ghee and can be placed in a tub and refrigerated for up to one month.

It has a higher smoke point now too making it great for cooking at higher temperatures.


  1. Does it still taste nice & buttery?
    Do you still use ghee when not doing the whole 30?

  2. Hello, the Kerrygold butter is salted, isn't is? The ghee is salted, too?

  3. Hi, I am a little confused by this, butter been a dairy product, how does this fit into a non dairy paleo diet? Surely no matter what you do to it, it is still dairy, please clarify, Thanks

    1. Dairy products are derived from milk. Since the clarifying process removes the milk solids, it is no longer dairy.

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