Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 30! The End or The Beginning?

Hey Paleo Peeps!!

Hope you are all well on this the 30th day of November and the 30th day of my Whole30 November!!

It is hard to believe this is the 30th day and the "destination" of my journey. I have spent 30 days aiming for this day, and now that I am here I am not fully sure how I feel about it!

Its almost like when you spend hours on a road trip and your destination is all you can think of. You have the whole journey mapped out, the best route to take, the most suitable places to refuel, but you haven't really considered what you will do once you park up and get out of your car!!

I thought once I got to this point I would be elated that I could loosen the reigns a little and eat potatoes or drink some wine. But truth be told I am not counting down the hours to midnight to crack open the Pinot Grigio! My fiance asked me today "Are you going to eat chips/fries tomorrow?!" My response was "I doubt it". I think he thought I would be elated by the prospect, but my answer was fairly unemotional.

I suppose that last word sums up how my relationship with food has been changed by this experience. Food is no longer something I need as a pick me up. Refined carbs and sugars are no longer required to make me feel happy, and I no longer reward myself with bad foods. So for me this is not the end, but merely just one part of a longer voyage! Merely the beginning.

I have no intention of going off the rails and gorging myself on pastries and bread. But I am looking forward to having the occasional paleo baked good.

Whilst I have been Paleo for 4 months now, and therefore didn't make as many changes as someone starting out from scratch, but I none the less encourage it for anyone - novices or those wishing to get back to basics.

I definitely feel very proud of myself that I have got this far. It has been challenging but not impossible. And I definitely feel more justified in helping others on their Paleo journey.

I may even be persuaded to do it all again in January!

Full results, weight wise and otherwise, tomorrow!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Day 28 - Update of my Whole30 November Challenge

Hey Paleo Pals!

Hope you are all well! I can't believe I haven't posted since Friday, so apologies for that! Hope you haven't missed me too much!

My weekend went well, Saturday was fairly quiet and uneventful as it poured rain all day! Not nice!
We did go to the cinema Sat night to watch the Twilight film (which I loved btw). Me, my bottle of water and (counterfeit) nuts! Love to live on the edge eh?!

Me and my son at Xmas Party, sorry for blurriness

Yesterday was a challenging day eating wise I have to say. My son and I attended a children's diabetic party for families affected by diabetes in the area (my son has been Type1 for about 15 months). We travelled there for the 1pm start time and thankfully I had fed my son before we left as we didn't get food until well after 3pm! You would think of all the groups they would ensure diabetic children got fed quickly to avoid hypoglycaemia! There were nearly tears (his) and tantrums (mine) but he enjoyed it once he got fed!

I was so hungry myself as I had only a banana for breakfast (thinking I would be having dinner early)

Dinner was Turkey & Ham with the works but I just avoided the potatoes and stuffing and piled my plate with  veggies. It was delish.

I wasn't expecting dessert too so I went to the bathroom and when I came back there was a lovely looking plate in front of me. My heart sank because I am fine once the bad food isn't in front of my damn face! On the plate was a trio of desserts including strawberry cheesecake, Christmas cake and profiteroles with choc sauce. Man that was tough! But I refrained and figured if I broke it now, with just 3 days to go, I would never forgive myself. So I ate the apple and strawberry garnishes and wrapped the Christmas cake in a napkin for my fiance.

Anyway, I am so grateful I didn't eat anything bad.

I know I could harp on about the fact I am glad I have almost done my Whole30 and that I can only envision myself 100% Paleo for ever etc etc, but the truth is I am not sure how I feel!
100% Paleo is amazingly challenging and difficult. A life without any sweetness, even honey, would be so tough for most people. Meat and veggies are so delish but sometimes satisfying a sweet craving has to be done!
It can also be incredibly restrictive when out and about especially when you have no choice over what you are offered to eat.
But I do feel proud of myself for proving to myself that I CAN do this - challenging though it may be.
And I do think any healthy eating worth their word should do this for 30 days. Coz it is easy to say "Don't eat this, don't eat that" but until you go off everything yourself for 30 days you don't know what you're talking about!

My eating has gone like this for the past few days:


Brunch: Bacon, 2 poached eggs, toms and avocado

Dinner: Bacon salad with cashew nuts
Supper: Steak, onions and tomatoes

BF: Banana
Lunch: T&H Dinner with creamed carrots and parsnips and Brussels sprouts
Dinner: Bacon and fried egg, banana, apple

Monday (Day 28)
BF: Bacon and 2 scrambled eggs, banana
Lunch: Tuna Mayo Salad with an apple
Dinner: Irish Lamb Stew with cauliflower mash

That's it for now! Hope you are still hanging in there and doing great. I know a few of you from the facebook page are still plugging a way, so keep it up! I can't wait to hear all your results!

Bye for now, chat soon and remember, Keep It Paleo


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Day 24 - The End Is In Sight and A Brighter Mood

Hey Paleo Pals.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you across the pond. I hope you have an enjoyable day with family & friends.

Just a short post today, nothing major to report except that my mood has returned to normal and I am feeling a lot more cheerful.

I must say I have found this Whole30 more challenging than I thought I would. It has been tough excluding things sure, but it is the extra strictness I have really found tough. I guess I am in a bit of a rut and eating the same stuff. Also I had considered myself fairly strict Paleo at 90% but now I realise that that last 10% is the real challenge.
The little things like being able to occasionally have Paleo baked goods or honey or a potato!
So yes, this Whole30 journey has been fairly tough! But it has made me focus on eating real food - which is always good.

Anyway, it is hard to believe I have only 6 days left! Time is near complete!

Foodwise my eating has gone has follows:


BF: Spinach scramble with tomatoes
Lunch: Ham, avocado, an apple
Dinner: Pork Casserole with sweet potato and spinach

BF: Bacon, 2 fried eggs and tomatoes
Lunch: Banana, lamb chop
Dinner: Pork Loin stuffed with sundried tomato, garlic, chillie and basil. Served with roasted veg done in coconut oil, butter leek and mashed cauliflower

Enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving, and enjoy the leftovers!

Chat soon, keep it Paleo

Denise xx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 22 - A Low Point?

Hey Paleo Peeps!

Another report from your favourite Irish Paleo Girl! ;)

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading these posts.... *Hello, anyone out there....*
But I guess they say blog writing is good for the soul....

The past few days have been low points for me on my Whole30. I can't say why to be honest. I don't even think it is food related, but I feel shitty. I am trying to shake that and hopefully it will pass soon.

Maybe its hormones, maybe its the gaping hole in my social life, or maybe it is just because I have been unemployed for three months and with the job market the way it is, it is difficult to stay positive.

I am unmotivated and therefore have gotten fairly bad at taking pictures - apologies in advance for that!

Ok, so moan over.

Apart from this my paleo eating has gone well the past two days

My chowing went a little like this:

Day 21

BF: None, fasted until Lunch
Lunch: Leftover Lamb and Sweet Potato Curry
Dinner: Baked Salmon with homemade salsa verde and broccoli
Snacks: Apple, sultanas

Day 22
BF: Salmon Omelette (2) with avocado
Lunch: Leftover Lamb curry
Dinner: Minced Beef Stew with cauliflower mash
Snacks: Apple, Sultanas, Bacon and 1 fried egg
Exercise: 1 hour walk with dog

So that is it for now guys.
Hope ye are feeling a little more motivated than me today.

Only 1 week left of Whole30 for those of you joining me.

Keep it up and keep it Paleo

Monday, 21 November 2011

Lamb & Sweet Potato Curry

This curry is a sure dinner party pleaser, as it is sure to satisfy all your guests - Paleo or not! Just increase the quantities accordingly. It is a perfect dish to use a cheaper cut of lamb such as shoulder.

It can be cooked on the stove top at a low simmer, in your crockpot or bunged into the oven and forgotten about for an hour and a half. Perfect!

Serves 2

400g of lamb, chopped into cubes.
1/2 tbsp ground turmeric
3/4 tbsp ground cumin
1/2 tbsp ground coriander
1 litre of chicken stock
100ml coconut milk
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 large sweet potato
1-2 tbs coconut oil
Large handful of spinach

Preheat the oven to 140C.
Heat the oil on a medium heat in a your saucepan or oven proof dish.
Brown off the lamb and remove from pan.
Fry garlic and onion until softened.
Add the spices and fry off for 2 minutes.
Return the lamb and any juices to the pan.
Add the stock and bring to a simmer.
Place in oven and cook for an hour.
Add the sweet potato and cook for remaining 30 minutes.
Add coconut milk and spinach for last 10 minutes.
Lamb and sweet potato should be tender.

Serve with mashed cauliflower "rice".

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Day 20 - 10 more days Whole30 but lessons learned for many more

Hey ho Paleo pals!!

Day 20 of my 100% Paleo journey, and to be honest the last few have been pretty tricky. Just some of those days when I have been so busy and under prepared and as a result went hungry or struggled to find anything quick to eat other than eggs!


So the lesson here is to be more prepared and have leftovers to hand when needed.

As said above I had a really busy weekend - we were babysitting my fiance's 18 month old niece so we were pretty busy. To be honest I don't even remember what I ate Friday! But don't worry, it was all Paleo friendly!!

Day 19

BF: Bacon, scrambled eggs and avocado
Lunch: Roast Chicken, roasted Sw potato and turnip
Dinner: More scrambled eggs and ham.
Snacks: Apple & banana & sultanas

Day 20
BF: 2 eggs scrambled in microwave on the run with a banana
Lunch: Bacon, 1 fried egg, apple
Dinner: Roast rosemary & garlic lamb with mashed cauliflower and carrots&parsnips
Supper: Lamb curry

Sense an egg themed pattern going on there?!! Baby gone home now though so organisation resumes!
Apologies for lack of photos ec.

Until the next time - keep it paleo!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 17 and my 4 month anniversary on Paleo :)

Hey ho Paleo Peeps! :)

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the benefits of your newly cleansed Paleo body as I am!!
Please share your experiences! I am so excited to hear about your progress so far, and a few facebook fans are already reporting massive losses in weight and looser clothes!

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these body changes occur after going paleo. It just goes to show how badly grains and sugars affect your health and digestive tract.

Yesterday marked my four month anniversary of going Paleo. It has gone so quickly and my body composition has changed. And also how my whole outlook on food has changed. Food isn't cheap entertainment to me anymore. My boredom is no longer an opportunity to gorge on pizza or panninis. I don't have to run to the toaster for buttery toast when in a rush to eat - thus starting a vicious circle of carb rush followed by sugar drop followed by carb rush........ I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. And if I fancy more meat, I eat it!

It is amazing that I have gone from needing to loose a few pounds to getting to the point where I feel I need to plateau. I tried on a new dress I bought a few weeks back in a UK size 8 (US 12?) and it is big on me. My fiance says I actually need to gain a bit back as I am loosing my curves. I would tend to agree to be honest. And I hope I do plateau soon.

My eating over the past two days has gone something like this:

DAY 16

BF: Liver, Bacon and veggies
Lunch: Leftover chicken casserole, an apple
Dinner: Bacon, squash, sprouts and carrots
Supper: 2 x scrambled eggs

Day 17
BF: Liver, bacon, fried egg, leftover sprouts
Lunch: Rib steak and veggies

Dinner: Lamb Bolognaise with courgette pasta
Snack: 2 mandarines

That concludes my day 17 update! Just 13 more days until Dec 1st! And I just organised a post whole30 girlie night out for 3rd December. Woohoo!!

Talk soon, keep it Paleo!! :)

-Denise x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Recipe - Roast Squash, Carrot and Garlic Soup

Make the most of this seasons Butternut Squash and make a nourishing and hearty soup to keep out the winter chills!

Serves 2


1/2 a medium squash (peeled and cubed)
1 x medium carrot (peeled and sliced)
1 x medium onion (diced)
3 x garlic cloves (unpeeled)
1 tbsp chopped parsley
3 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 litre of chicken stock ( I used my own first batch!)
Salt and Pepper

Preheat the oven to 180C
Roast seasoned carrot, garlic and squash with coconut oil in an oven at 180C until tender
Soften onions in a little coconut oil and add the roasted garlic (squeeze it out of skins)
Add the carrots, squash and stock and bring to the boil.
Simmer for 10-12 minutes until all vegetables are cooked through
Blend the soup with a handheld blender.
Serve in bowls, garnished with parsley.

Day 15 - The Halfway Point & Some Ponderings Thus Far

Heyho Paleo Peeps!

Today marks the half way point of my 30 day journey of strict Paleo eating (and hopefully day 15 for those of you joining me on this journey).

At this point I am very proud of myself for succeeding thus far. It has been easier than I thought and harder than I thought, in equal measures, if that makes sense!?

Easier because I had been pretty strict since July anyway. Apart from alcohol of course, but hey never trust an Irish person who doesn't drink! haha (and Paleo advocate Lorein Cordain enjoys a glass or two of vino so why not!?) I had therefore got most of the fundamentals in place all ready. Sure it is challenging taking it to this level of strictness - but not impossible.

I would say it is harder in ways - especially when it comes to eating in other people's houses or restaurants for example.
While I always endeavour to stay true to my normal Paleo eating habits, sometimes it is unavoidable to cut some corners. Like the kind of fats your food is cooked in, or having a small piece of someone's cake so as not to be rude. But when undertaking a 30 day programme you can't make these tweaks or you are breaking the programme and ruining its good effects on your body.

What this Whole30 HAS done though has made me realise that I CAN eat the best way for my body without feeling I am missing out on tasty and satisfying food. It also makes me proud of myself to know that I am reducing my chances of a whole plethora of diseases as well as the big C (*gulp). I mean at the end of the day wouldn't you like to know you were doing everything YOU could to reduce your chances of becoming unhealthy?

Today I also clarified another batch of Kerrygold and cooked a lovely chicken thigh casserole.

Here is a breakdown of what I have been devouring over the past two days:

Day 14

BF: Smoked Salmon and Asparagus with tomato and mushroom

Lunch: Roasted Squash, Carrot and Garlic Soup

Dinner: Salmon, Stir fried Greens and sweet tatters

Snacks: Banana,

Day 15

BF: Bacon, Onions and Mushrooms

Lunch: Leftover Salmon & Veggie Omelette

Dinner: Chicken Thigh Casserole

Snack: Apple, 2 x mandarin's

So, that concludes my Day 15 post! Hope your day has gone well so far.

Talk soon, and remember, Keep it Paleo! :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 14 - Update

Hi Paleo Pals!

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days. Unfortunately my internet access was gone all weekend (major inconvenience!) but I have solved the problem and I am now up and going again! (Yes I am a technical genius!!)

The weekend was fairly uneventful and went well again, I wasn't tempted by anything per say although the roast potatoes my Other Half cooked yesterday for our roast chicken looked damn good.

I still have to admit I am happy tomorrow is the half way point on my Whole30. While I find the week days fine and easy to keep 100% Paleo, the weekend can be a right pain in the bum - especially when in other people's houses or when meeting friends for coffee etc. Worrying about what is in EVERYTHING in a restaurant/other people's food can be tough. I am not the type of person who likes to complain or make a fuss so it usually means eating nothing. Sometimes this is fine, other times, when you know you won't eat for a long time, this can be troublesome.

My food intake over the past few days has been as follows:


BF: 2 x fried eggs, liver, 1x piece of bacon and tomatoes

Lunch: I met my OH (other half) for lunch and couldn't eat anything on the menu really. So I choose an egg mayo salad. I left much of it behind me (much to his annoyance!) Salad should not be 50% potato salad ffs! GRR

Dinner: Homemade beef burgers with sweet potato fries and sauteed spinach on garlic

Snacks: Dried, unsweetened banana chips, apple,


BF: 2 x fried eggs with asparagus and bacon.

Lunch: Nothing :(

Dinner: Leftover beef burger, steak, sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil, onions, mushrooms, and spinach

Supper: 2 x scrambled eggs with smoked salmon


BF: Banana (I wasn't hungry and I had supper late the night before)

Lunch: Roast Chicken with mashed cauliflower, turnip and carrot and parsnip
Dessert: Fresh Pineapple

Supper: 1/2 an Omelette (we didn't have enough eggs leftover! So about 1 egg worth)

 So there you go! I have finally updated! I promise not to leave the updates so far apart in the future.

How are you doing so far? Does the halfway point tomorrow excite you as much as me!!?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 10 & How I Came To The Paleo Lifestyle

Hey guys,

Happy Day 10 for those of you joining me on this November clean eating challenge.

I hope it is going as well for you as it is for me. I have to say it has been fairly effortless so far. I am not really craving anything too badly, although I am looking forward to a glass of Pinot Grigio when I finish! I always give up drink for November (call it a detox, call it a subconscious effort to do good by my Catholic roots, who knows?!) But it is something I always do. I find the first week or two are usually fine and then I am looking forward to a night out! So far so good though!

The weather at the moment here is unseasonably warm and sunny, so I have been enjoying the weather and going out for long walks with my dog. We done 3 miles the past few days, and 2 on Monday. Tuesday I was active too, helping out with fairly manual work (loooong story).

How I came to the Paleo Lifestyle
I have been active for the past couple of years. I gave up smoking almost two years ago, and was fearful that I would gain weight so I got into running. I ran in a couple of 10K runs and a half marathon but I found that I wasn't a natural runner, and despite running for miles a week, I wasn't getting any faster and I wasn't loosing any weight. Although I looked more toned I knew I needed to loose a few pounds on the scale, but if I cut down on my calories I was exhausted and run down (pardon the pun!). Something wasn't adding up for me.
So I decided to look at my diet as I figured all this exercise was not seeing results, so I would have to look at my food.
I have always eaten "healthy". I always make meals from scratch for my partner and son, and we eat home prepared food the vast majority of the time. (We eat out seldom). I ate salads for lunch and home prepared dinners, rarely including sauces or anything processed during the week. Perhaps pizza at the weekend and a dessert on Sunday. But I was a slave to refined carbs, in particular bread and toast and pasta. I really believed I could never live without my toast!
I spent a few days inputting my daily food intakes into "" and soon realised I was eating far too many carbs. I worried about this as I was also a slave to "lowfat" eating so I did not know how I could drop the carbs and stay full.
I done some google searches and Paleo came up. I think it was actually Sarah Fragoso's "Everyday Paleo" that came up - and I liked the sound of it.
Eating real, unprocessed foods, low in refined carbs but including plenty of fat, protein and veggies. I bought Lorein Cordain's book "The Paleo Diet" and read it but I must admit I was fairly dubious about how I would manage without my bread and toast!
But here I am - almost four months later and more passionate than ever about my journey and doing my first Whole30!
If you are new to this I hope that you too are enjoying it so much you keep it up!

Anyway, enough talking rubbish!

The past 2 days have gone like so food wise:

Day 9
Liver, bacon, spinach, tomato and onion
My first time eating liver since childhood - it was better than expected, but it might take me a while to love it!

Lunch: A Chicken Indian thing I threw together including spices, coconut milk and ground almonds. Tasted delish, but it didn't agree with me for some reason. Bad digestive issues afterwards. The spices??

Dinner: Minced Lamb Stew
Snacks: Apple
Exercise: 3 miles walk

Day 10
Breakfast: Bacon and Veg Omelette with avocado

Lunch: Smoked Paprika Chicken with Green Bean, Broccoli and tomato salad.
This was a little bland. I tried adding coconut milk as a dressing but it kept sliding off. I needed a dressing!

Dinner: Pork Loin with unsweetened apple sauce, mashed cauliflower, buttered carrots and turnips.

Snacks: Apple, 2x scrambled eggs (maybe!)
Exercise: 3 miles walk.

Ill finish with the following:
Remember - It is important to include exercise in your lifestyle - in particular light exercise like walking with occasional sprints is good. And lifting something heavy. I plan to do some lifting tomorrow. While in my opinion weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are as a result of roughly 80 diet 20 exercise ratio - so you should not use your seemingly easy weight-loss (if that is your aim) as an excuse NOT to exercise. Our Paleo ancestors were not sedentary so include exercise!

That is all for now!

Remember - you are 1/3 of the way there! Keep it up and keep it Paleo :)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Week One in the bag! :)

Days 7 and 8

Heyho! :)

I decided not to post yesterday mainly because I didn't have anything to report, and there is probably no one reading this anyway! haha So in today's post I have included my past two days.

Day 7

Woke up to a cold and foggy morning.... Brrrrr, winter is here! But it soon cleared up into a beautiful crisp and dry day so I went for a lovely walk with the dog after breakfast(about 2 miles).

I am really beginning to see the increase in energy levels throughout the day and at night. Although I had been pretty strict on Paleo for the past few months, I do include milk in tea (and I suppose I am drinking more cups a day lately than I realise) and potatoes throughout the week sometimes. Apart from that I don't veer too much from the diet but I am amazed at the difference I feel since becoming 100% Paleo. Its amazing what a difference a few tweaks can make.

Yesterday of course marked the end of the first week of Whole30 and I have to say that whilst it has been challenging at times it hasn't been too difficult. Here is to the next 21!!

Food wise my day went as follows:

Breakfast: Bacon and veggie (spring onion, tomatoes, red pepper and spinach) omelette with avocado (pictured above).

Dinner: Salmon Parcels with roasted veggies cooked in coconut oil
(Salmon cooked white wine vinegar, fennel, dill, carrots and spring onions)

Tea: 2 x eggs scrambled

Snacks: Banana, apple

Day 8

And the beginning of my second week on Whole30. I had a busy, busy day today so I knew I had to be prepared. I never got hungry thank god, but I do feel like eating snacks right now and I don't really fancy anything. I have also had quite a few snacks already but maybe I am just extra hungry because I was busy?!

Food wise, my day looked like this:

Breakfast: Butter Fried Salmon Fillet with Stirfried veggies
Snack: Piece of bacon, apple, banana
Lunch: 2 eggs scrambled with spinach with avocado

Dinner: Chicken, turnip, broccoli and cauliflower
Snack: 2 x mandarins.

Feeling good! So keep it up and if you are feeling down today remember, you are over a quarter there already! Go you!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 6- My Whole30 November Challenge

Day 6 Amigos! :)

I love Sundays - family lunch and quality time.

We went for a big dinner in my parents and we tend to all chip in and help cook.

My sis made a tomato soup to start and we had roast chicken for dinner.

We then went and visited my other half's mother and got tea there! So we were out all day and got fed well! A great Sunday all round.

I am anxious about loosing too much weight on my Whole30. I know most people have the opposite problem, but I had kind of reached my goal weight before I started the 30 day challenge and I am afraid I will loose more. My collarbone is fairly noticeable at this point so I am going to evaluate things this week and try and eat more calories. Maybe I have not been eating enough.

Anywho, my son is back at school tomorrow after his mid term break - so it is back to routine thank god.

My Food for Day 6:

Breakfast: 3 x streaky bacon & 2 x scrambled eggs (cooked in bacon fat)
Black Tea

Lunch: Homemade Tomato and Veg soup
Roast Chicken, mashed cauliflower, carrots and parsnips and brussels sprouts cooked in onions, garlic, chilli and chicken stock

Tea: (more) bacon, a fried egg and a grain free sausage.

Snacks: Medjool dates (4), banana, apricots (2).

I hope your Day 6 went well! Until tomorrow, eat well, eat Paleo!! ;)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day 5 - I Heart Paleo!!

Hi all,

I wont keep you long! So it is the weekend, and with the weekend comes the "treat" mentality. For me, a treat is going for a coffee and a salad these days! Oh how things change! Once upon a time my 8 year old son and I used to go to a cafe on a Saturday and share a piece of black forest gateau or something equally decadent! Bu since his Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in August 2010 and my conversion to Paleo this is a thing of the past. But we did treat ourself to coffee and salad. (He had non Paleo Lasange - he isn't Paleo unfortunately, a little at a time, Ill convert him eventually!)

I also treat myself to steak at the weekend too - something I never used to do but it is something I love now

Anyway apart from that nothing to report - today was a breeze food and temptation wise and I am feeling a lot better. All is good! Hope you are doing good too, please share your experiences!

Menu - Day 5

Breakfast- Salmon, stir fried veggies, avocado, black tea

Lunch - Chicken Salad

Dinner - Striploin Steak fried in butter, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, sweet potatoes in coconut oil and leftover broccoli.

Snacks - None so far - I might have a banana later.

Man I love Paleo! Beautiful food, no counting calories tediously and no holds barred on the fats.

Paleo 4 Ever! :)

Friday, 4 November 2011

Day 4 - My Whole30 November

Hello Paleo Friends.

Day 4 already, where are the days going?

Another fairly good day today. I am very sick of being sick though I must admit! Although I think I might FINALLY have turned a corner! I am nearly over the cough and sniffles but I just had zero energy again today. Maybe it was a combination of cold and strict Paleo-ness though!

Anyway a pretty uneventful day besides. Tidied my house from top to bottom (that counts as exercise right!?) and went to the cinema this evening with my fiance. The smell of popcorn tempted me for a few minutes but once I got into the dark and could no longer see my fiance eating his I was happy enough with my water and almonds!

Had a disagreement with a certain someone about not loosing any more weight. He does have a point I suppose, while I am not VERY thin by Hollywood standards I am only a few pounds off the lower end of my ideal weight for height so I am concerned I will loose too much. I have been told I will level off at my ideal level so hopefully that will happen soon.

Anyway here's my daily consuming outlined:

Breakfast: None (I slept in today)
Lunch: Leftover soup
Dinner: Butter Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Rice (pictured)
Snack: Beef burger with salad

Hope your day has gone well too and remember - One Day At A Time!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day 3 Whole30 & Still Mucus Ridden :(

Hi Paleo friends!

Hope your Day 3 has gone/is going well for you! (depending on what time zone you are in!)

Mine has gone pretty good. I feel a lot better today creak wise but I am still mucus-y and apparently I still look rough (in the words of my lovely, over honest fiancĂ©!) But I did manage to get out for a 2 mile walk between the rain showers which was nice for me (and my dog!)

I even done OK visiting the mother in law this evening. Usually trips to other people's house spurs a barrage of questions when I turn down treats with my tea, or as today when I took my tea black, but no one asked a thing! Maybe they all think I am crazy already!

Food wise was also good -

Breakfast - A 2 egg omelette with red pepper, spring onion, spinach, and tomato
Lunch - I made Chicken & Veg soup which contained kale, carrots, leek, celery, broccoli and fresh thyme.
Dinner - Tenderloin of pork, steamed sweet potato, broccoli and carrots.
Snack - leftover pork

A great day all round! I hope your Whole30 is going to plan.


P.S - I took pictures but I don't have my phone right now. I will upload tomorrow.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Day 2 Whole30 November

Hi all!

I hope your Day 2s have gone well!

I am thankfully feeling a lot better today. My cold is a lot better so hopefully I will be able for a walk tomorrow.

Diet wise my day went well too, I did not find it too challenging and I am growing a taste for black tea.

If you are experiencing a lot of hunger throughout the day, chances are you are not eating enough fats, so do not be afraid to add some good fats to every meal. This can be done by adding avocados to meals, cooking using coconut or olive oil and adding clarified butter to meals. Nuts are also nice to add to salads.

I remember when I first started eating Paleo I had been so brain washed by low fat dieting that I was AFRAID of good fat! And it took me a while to realise I could eat it without worrying. So EMBRACE the fat - trust me it works!

The sluggish feeling you are maybe experiencing at this point is caused by your body switching from using carbohydrates as its main energy source to using fat. The sluggish feeling is completely normal and lasts from 4-7 days, after that you will start to notice you have more energy and feel better. It will be worth it, so stick at it.

It is important not to allow yourself to get too hungry though so eat often if you need it. Between meals try a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit or even just a snack of leftover meats etc. As the days go on your appetite will become less and less so don't be afraid of overeating at this point.

Just try not to overdo it on the nuts and fruit - it isn't an excuse to eat a kilo of almonds either! Just eat until you are satisfied.

Today I didn't really feel challenged by anything. It went fairly smoothly thank God.

My day 2 Menu

BF: 2 x Scrambled Eggs (in clarified butter) with crunchy Kale
Black Tea

Lunch: 1 x Pork chop with leftover veg

Dinner: Lamb Mince Stew with mashed cauliflower and green beans.

Snacks: Banana, almonds, apple, black tea.

I hope you had as good a day and remember - 1 day at a time and before you know it you will be at 30 days and somehow NOT craving bad food!

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day 1 - My November Whole 30 Challenge

So, my long awaited Whole30 challenge began today and unfortunately my body decided to conk and I am suffering from a really crappy cold today.

I  have not allowed it to ruin my Day 1diet wise however, but it is sapping my energy all the same and the lack of appetite has meant I have not really eaten much. I suppose it has meant I have not been craving anything bad.

The first day of a Whole30 is always challenging - especially if you are giving up refined carbs and sugars for the first time. It is completely normal to experience a small crash during the afternoon if you have not added enough fats to your meals. It is important to add this so you feel satisfied until dinner time.

I suppose the biggest challenge for me today was not having milk in my tea. Although I am a fairly strict Paleo most of the time, I do allow myself milk in tea only and white potatoes from time to time. I got through it though and I think I will be drinking more black coffee this month rather than tea.

Remember apart from tea and coffee you can only drink water. Drink as much as you can as it will help flush out bad toxins.

My Day 1 Menu

Breakfast: 2 pieces of bacon, 4 cherry tomatoes and 2 eggs scrambled in the bacon fat.
Cup of black coffee

Snack: Orange

Dinner: Baked buttered salmon with coconut oil roasted vegetables

Snack: Banana

As I said, my appetite has been poor today and I had to go to bed mid day so I ate less than usual.
Hopefully things go better for me tomorrow!

How did your day go guys?!!

Clarifying Butter; Making Ghee

Clarifying butter removes the mild solids from the butter, leaving behind just the fat. This beautiful golden bounty is also knowen as ghee.

It is essential to remove the dairy components and the water from the butter and make it Paleo friendly.You will be left with the pure butter fat. This also raises the smoke point of the fat substantially, making it less likely to burn and turn rancid.

And it is a lot easier than you think!


1 block of Kerrygold Butter


Cut butter into pieces and melt in a pot over a low heat.
Do not stir.
Once the butter is melted and golden you will see a skim on the top of the liquid and solids at the bottom. This is the part you want to get rid of.

Line a sieve with some muslin (a baby muslin works great here or even a clean cloth) in it and place over a bowl.
Gently pour the butter mixture into the lined sieve and allow the liquid to go through.
This will happen quite slowly, do not be impatient and squeeze or you might push through the milk solids.
The lovely golden mixture in the bowl is the clarified butter/ghee and can be placed in a tub and refrigerated for up to one month.

It has a higher smoke point now too making it great for cooking at higher temperatures.