Saturday, 13 August 2011

Vegetable Surprise Omelette

Saturdays are generally shopping day in our house, so there is usually very little left in the fridge for breakfast! So this mornings omelette surprise involved using up all the leftover vegetables - throw in a few eggs and voila! Paleo friendly breakfast!

Mine consisted of yellow peppers, red onion, a mushroom and leftover courgette.

Fried off in coconut oil until soft and I added 3 eggs and cooked until cooked through.
I flipped mine but you can also grill the top if you find that easier.

On the side I had half an avocado and 1 piece of bacon (thats all there was left!!)

Yummy and packed full of protein and good fats.
I need all the fat I can get today I have housework to catch up on and a girls night out planned tonight so soakage is very much needed!

Lunch will be leftover Butter Chicken from last night.

Lets hope there are Paleo friendly drinks and snacks tonight and my friends are non judgemental about my new lifestyle!!

Chat soon

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