Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Non Dairy Sources of Calcium

People often ask me "Do you not worry about your calcium intake now that you do not eat dairy"?

Unfortunately people have been taught to automatically think of milk and dairy as the main source of calcium, to the detriment of other great sources.

Why do we need calcium?

All growing, active bodies use large amounts of calcium and if this calcium is not replenished through your diet, the body begins to take it from your bones causing brittle bones over time. Calcium is an important part of a healthy diet. It plays an essential role in bone density, muscle contraction, nerve function, blood pressure stability and healing.

Bones tend to be fully formed by the age of 17 and continue to strengthen up to the mid thirties. After this bones can begin to loose density if exercise, calcium and Vitamin D intakes are not considered.

According to http://www.irishosteoporosis.ie current guidelines recommend approximately 800mg of calcium per day for men, women and children, with teenagers and pregnant and nursing women benefiting from 1200mg per day . But if you are following a Paleo or Lactose free lifestyle where should you be looking for your calcium sources?

The following table shows the Calcium content in a number of foods, including some dairy products for comparison purposes:

Food                            Portion Size         Calcium Content (mg)
Whole milk                    190ml                   224*
Semi-skimmed milk        190ml                   231
Skimmed milk                 190ml                  235
Large orange                       1                      58
Dried apricot                    100g                   92
Brazil nuts                        100g                   170
Whitebait (fried)                 56g                   482
Salmon (tinned)                  56g                    52
Spinach                              0.5 cup              99
Almonds                            0.25 cup             93
Kale                                    0.5 cup            205*
Sesame Seeds                   1tbs                     51

*As you can see above, it is actually very plausible to gain full recommended daily allowance from non dairy sources. In fact, when you compare calcium content per serving size in milk and kale, kale actually contains the most.

The battle against brittle bones and inadequate calcium absorption does not begin and end with simply consuming calcium rich foods (or perceived calcium rich foods). A Yale study, which analysed 34 studies from 16 countries, found that the countries who consumed the most calcium rich foods actually had the highest number of cases of osteoporosis (source selectstores.ie). In contrast, in South Africa, where calcium intake is the lowest, osteoporosis is less prevalent. This highlights the point that other factors affect calcium absorption including excessive sugar intake or sedentary lifestyles.

The amount actually absorbed by the body from food varies greatly. For example, when one cup of milk is consumed, approximately 30% of the calcium is absorbed. Compare that to kale where up to 70% can be absorbed.

Eating a variety of non dairy foods is important. Consider adding kale to stews and casseroles, dipping your veggies in almond butter for snacking  and adding almonds and broccoli to salads to increase calcium intake without the need for as much as a drop of milk!


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