Thursday, 11 August 2011

A new lifestyle

Hi, I am a 26 year old female from Ireland.

Height: 5"7,
Start weight : 10 stone
Current weight: 9.5 stone (I lost just under half a stone the first week!)

In July this year I decided to embark upon the Paleo Diet, a diet based on the diet and lifestyle of our ancestors.

I decided to do this blog as Paleo is as yet fairly unheard of in Ireland, but it is steadily growing Stateside.
Hopefully this blog might be a useful resource for someone in Ireland who might feel detached and unsupported from other Irish Paleos. I will be posting my progress and my recipes and photos to hopefully inspire others!

It is based around eating three types of foods:

Lean Protein - Fish, chicken, beef, lamb etc
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables - except pulses or corn (or potatoes if weight loss is priority)
Healthy fats - Olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts and seeds.

Foods to be avoided are:

All processed foods - eg. pizza, packet sauces, gravies
Grains - Wheat, rice, rye, spelt etc so that excludes all breads and baked goods containing wheat.
Transfats - Found in processed foods, crisp and snacks etc
Dairy - This is negotiable. Not everyone gives up dairy and some argue that if you can tolerate it to keep it in. I personally keep milk in but only for tea and some cheese (but seldom)
Sugar - all sugary foods and sugar substitutes.

What can I eat then??!

Before you freak out and think - "what can I eat then"?! Let me explain!
Its not as restrictive as you may think at first!

For argument sake let me illustrate this by providing a typical days menu for me on the Paleo Diet:

BF: Bacon, scrambled eggs and strawberries

Lunch: Salmon Salad with mayo dressing and avocados.

Dinner: Bolognaise with courgette "pasta" (surprisingly tasty!) with roasted sweet potato
Dessert: "Paleo" Fruit Crumble

Snacks: chopped veg with guacamole dip, nuts, fruit etc.

You will not be hungry! But you will feel leaner, less bloated and your skin will glow!

Try the diet for 30 days and I bet you wont go back! :)

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  1. Are you Irish born? You don't sound Irish.