Monday, 1 August 2016

Eating Out and Staying on Plan

We all like to enjoy a meal out from time to time. It is a nice treat to be able to have someone else cook for us, and even better – no clean up.

However it is important to remember that the only way to be healthy in the long run is to get into the habit of actually cooking our own food from scratch. While eating the occasional meal out is a must for most, the majority of your meals should be cooked by YOU. It is the only way to ensure you know exactly what is in your food and how it is cooked.

If you do eat out follow these tips to ensure you don’t overdo it or even worse, undo all the good work you have done so far.

1.       Don’t Go To The Restaurant Hungry!
This is something we all tend to do. Going for dinner? Better skip lunch. So you don’t eat anything all day and arrive to the restaurant starving. This leads to you overeating and choosing all the worst foods not to mention hitting the bread basket before you even start your meal!

Overcome this by having a light lunch such as a salad with protein or a bowl of soup and grab a quick snack in the afternoon such as an apple and nut butter. You will be far less likely to overindulge at dinner and will be happier for it!

2.       Avoid Breaded Dishes or Dishes Covered in Sauces
Go for plain proteins such as fish or chicken and avoid those sauces. You have no idea what is in them! Avoid salads drenched in sauce such as Caesar salad. I often hear people say “Oh I only had a Caesar salad for starter” without considering that it is covered in sauce and croutons and is about as far removed from a healthy salad as bread roll in my opinion. Ask for some olive oil on the side and add it yourself.

3.       Practice Portion Control
Portions have got larger and larger over the years leading to a situation where restaurants now provide us with huge portions of meals to keep us happy and coming for more. The issue with this is we often over eat at these meals, ignoring our natural instincts to stop eating when full. Eat three quarters of what is on your plate and then stop. This is an easy way to stop overeating but will ensure you are still satisfied. 

Dining Out

4.       Don't be afraid to ask.
Restaurants cater for all kinds of special requests — all you have to do is speak up. Order your food grilled, baked, or steamed instead of fried. Ask for dishes to be cooked with a little olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Request extra veggies and less potato.  
Remember, it is their job to get you what you want. That is what you are paying for! 

5. Check Before You Go.
Upcoming Event and worrying about what you will eat? Look the restaurant up online and check out their menu. That way you have full control over what you intend to order before you go and it makes it a lot easier to stay on track. Nothing on the menu suitable? Call the restaurant and tell them you have specific needs and would they be willing to get you something alternative to eat? Restaurants appreciate the heads up and will be more than happy to accommodate you if possible.

6.       Eat Slowly
Enjoy the food and your company. Eating your food too fast leads to overeating as you do not register the food until you are overfull. Make the evening an experience!

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

NEW PROGRAM: Healthy in 60

Looking to reset your nutrition?

Struggling to get in shape despite working out several times a week?

Do you know "something" you eat isn't "agreeing" with you but can't pinpoint what?

Have you an autoimmune condition or digestive issues and just want to fix it once and for all through nutrition?

Have you a keen interest in nutrition but your head is fried trying to figure it all out?!

If you answered yes to any (or all!) of the above the Healthy in 60 challenge is for you.

60 days of healthy nutrition, meal plans, recipes, support, community.
This is not a diet. This is lifelong changes. Make the change. Heal your body.

New program! A new 60 Day program aimed at resetting the body, learning new habits and making lifelong changes.

First 30 Days (Stage 1) includes meal plans, recipes, support, community and lots of tips.
100% Paleo Protocol - No Cheats. Great results. More than a diet  emphasis on HEALTH, gut healing and long term change.

A 100% Paleo protocol aimed at eliminating sugar cravings once and for all, banishing inflammation, identifying and alleviating common food allergens and losing those stubborn inches! Whether it is to lower body fat support autoimmune disorders, improve digestion or overcome inflammatory issues such as skin irritation, IBS or respiratory issues, the Paleo diet can help you achieve your goals and enjoy the health you deserve.

Second 30 Days (Stages 2 & 3) includes full reintroduction of foods to determine YOUR personal protocol. Ongoing support and accountability to ensure you learn how to make these wonderful tips long term changes.


To read more on what Paleo is click here
To read more on why you should do this here

What Will It Involve
A closed group is a page on Facebook where only those who sign up or are given access to the area can see content. This means that only those of us participating in the group can actually post or read anything written in the page. This can be reassuring for those who may not wish for others to see what they are doing or who may be shy about their health issues or weight concerns. Everyone in there will have a shared goal of improving their health and will be a source of encouragement and support for each other. Having all the information in one place means we will never miss a post (we will be notified when a member posts something) and we can catch up easily on a conversation at a later date. It also means Facebook won't decide not to show you certain content or your news feed will hide content.

How Many People Will Take Part?
There will be a limited places available - small enough to all get to know each other but big enough that we have enough input from group participants. I want to make this the biggest and best session EVER with new recipes and tips!

What Will I Get From It?
The closed group on Facebook will be a place for those of you who decide to sign up to participate in a private group with unique access to the following:

1. Weekly Meal Plans and Shopping List - At the beginning of the challenge I post all the meal plans, complete with recipes. The meal plans have varied recipe ideas and some firm favourites include Coconut & Sweet Potato Curry, Crustless Quiche and Coconut Yogurt. I also post new recipes at various times throughout the week to keep things interesting.

2. Access to LIVE Q and A sessions - Post your questions over the course of the challenge and I will get back to you. Support is on going from myself and other group members making it a great little community to be a part of!

3. Access to Group Recipes - Part of a successful group or community is the sharing of daily food photos and recipe ideas. Even if every person only shared one recipe or photo over the course of the week that would be 30 extra recipes for you to take away. The success of the group will depend on the level of participation from each member. The more we post and support each other the more each person will benefit. I will also post recipe cards on the closed group at various times throughout the 30 days to keep you all interested!

4. Daily Tips To Success - I will be posting unique daily tips and hints which will only be available in the closed group. While I will still be updating my blog and facebook page the emphasis will be on the success of those signed up to the 30 day Challenge group during the 30 day time frame.

5. Access to Practical Information - You will have access to a Meal Plan, recipes and information on where to start and how to prepare as well tips of meal planning. Once signed up you will receive all this information about one week before the start date, to give you time to shop and get ready for the challenge (unless of course you are late to sign up!)

6. Group Support and Encouragement - This aspect will be a very important component to your success. Everyone knows that having someone to encourage you who is following the same journey as you are can substantially increase your chances of meeting your goals. Sharing mutual concerns or challenges can also be incredibly helpful. It is a great little community full of diverse people sharing a common goal!

How Much Will It Cost Me?
The 60 Day plan costs €99.  The level of support is very high and is rare in such groups. I have also completely updated the program with dozens of new recipes. They have been met with huge appraise from the current pilot group and I think you will enjoy it. I think it will be a good investment for you and your health and I promise to give you my all in the month ahead.

What Have Past Participants Said About It?

"I found the IPG challenge brilliant, it has totally changed my life and inspired me to stay paleo. Denise was a great support and very inspirational".

"You were v supportive Denise and gave v unselfishly of your time on a 24/7 basis which is to be commended. You didn't just stick to the hour q+a per day. Thank you".

"The recipes were a life saver for someone not paleo-savvy".

"I would highly recommend this to everyone! Denise has a fantastic approach; always at hand to help you, gives great advice and a super motivator! I really enjoyed the support of the group too. A big thumbs up from me"

You can read more reviews from past participants here:

How Will I Pay?
All payments will be made safely and securely through Paypal.

How Do I Sign Up

Click "Add to Cart" below to be brought directly to the Paypal checkout:


Saturday, 14 May 2016

Recipe: Fermented Ketchup

So as we all know, fermented foods are very much "in Vogue" right now. The healthy gut is really having it's moment in the sun, and rightly so. A healthy gut is very much linked to overall health and wellness; from digestion to mental health, the gut is where it is at. Read more on the impact of gut health on your overall health here

Ketchup is very much a hit in this house. From the small man to the big man, ketchup is liberally dolloped on every plate from burgers to steak. However despite the taste we know it is full of sugar and other nasties such as preservatives, additives and sweeteners. NOT something we want our little ones to be enjoying in large quantities (and as we know, there are plenty who eat their ketchup with a side of chips, rather than the other way around!)

I decided to try making my own and to add in some naturally occurring probiotics in the way of kefir whey.

Here is the recipe! (Original Recipe from Food Renegade)

600g organic tomato puree
80g honey or maple syrup
60ml of whey (plus 2 tbsp reserved for top) drained from milk kefir (this is the probiotic element. Place milk kefir in muslin cloth and allow to drain for 24 hours until the clear liquid whey gathers)
2 tbsp. raw apple cider vinegar (I use Biona) - use extra for thinning the ketchup if preferred.
1 tsp salt
1 tsp mixed spice

Mix the tomato puree and maple syrup in a bowl.
Add whey, vinegar, spices and salt and mix well to combine.
Transfer to an airtight jar (I use Kilner) and cover the top of the mixture with the remaining whey.

Put lid back on and place on your counter for 3-5 days.

After 3-5 days open and mix well. Store in the fridge for several months.

Use immediately if desired on burgers, chicken and steak!

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